Now that David Friedman’s nomination as the new U.S. ambassador to Israel is heading to the U.S. Senate for confirmation, the time is now to get registered for 2017’s historic WND Israel tour this November.

Friedman is expected to the address the group along with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on the new relationship developing between President Trump’s administration and the Jewish state.

Benjamin Netanyahu

Benjamin Netanyahu

“This is going to be a very different and very exciting tour,” said WND founder, Editor and Chief Executive Officer Joseph Farah, who has led tours to Israel the last five years. “It will still very much be a spiritual pilgrimage, but 2017 marks a major shift in the political landscape between the two countries, and we wanted to add that special dynamic to the trip this year.”

Friedman was approved for a confirmation as the next U.S. ambassador to Israel Thursday morning by the Senate Foreign Relations Committee in a 12-9 bipartisan vote. The approval sends the nomination the full Senate where he is expected to be confirmed with significant opposition from Democrats.

“By joining this tour, you will be among the first American groups to experience this new climate of partnership between the U.S. and Israel following the Trump Revolution,” said Farah. “This is something I am looking forward to personally with great anticipation. In fact, I’ve been waiting for this for 28 years.”

David M. Friedman

David M. Friedman

November may seem far away, but, in some previous years, registration has been cut off as early as June. To accommodate WND’s special guests, logistics will be more complicated than ever because Israel does not have an abundance of facilities that can handle groups of more than 400 people. Farah cautions the time to register is now.

Friedman is an invited keynote speaker in November on WND’s annual Israel tour, along with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

And don’t forget, this is the one and only U.S. tour of Israel that comes with the endorsement of Chuck Norris.

“I would encourage everyone to check out WND’s ‘Journey to the Holy Land’ from Nov. 2-12, 2017, led by our friend, Joseph Farah, who is the founder, editor and chief executive officer of WND,” Norris said. “He’s also an expert on Israel and the Middle East. Bibi and U.S. Ambassador to Israel David Friedman have been invited to speak to the tour group, and I hope they do. Check out the educational and inspiring itinerary here.

For the fifth year in a row, WND will be leading one of the largest annual tours of Israel from Nov. 2-12 – with the emphasis in 2017 on the restoration of U.S.-Israel relations and the deepening relationship between Jews and Christians.

Farah is looking forward to teaching from his latest book, the unusual prophetic thriller “The Restitution of All Things: Israel, Christians and the End of the Age,” which focuses on what it will be like when Messiah Jesus returns to rule and reign the world from Jerusalem.


“What a time to go to Israel – whether it’s the first time or the perfect seventh,” says Farah. “President Trump and his new ambassador-in-waiting are talking about moving the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem. That could happen before we get there. That’s why this is a historic time.”

Accompanying Farah will be his wife, Elizabeth, who co-founded WND with him 20 years ago on May 4 – three days after Israel’s Independence Day is celebrated there in 2017.

“We will joined by the absolute best Israeli guides in the business – experts on the land, the people, the Bible and the intersection of all three in the greatest controversy in the world today,” said Farah. “These top guides have been screened and handpicked from among dozens the WND tours have worked with over the last five years. If you want to explore Bible prophecy, the current Middle East conflict and get to know and understand why Israel remains the apple of God’s eye in the world today, this is the tour for you.”

The tour will include all the key sites, strategic briefings by the top U.S. and Israeli experts, musical guests, insightful talks and lively discussions – all featuring the incomparable Jewish state and its people.


“Trust me, this is like no other Israel tour you will ever experience. You will learn why Israel is so important to God and how this relates to you, as a Christian believer in Jesus-Yeshua, the Savior of the world, the future King of Kings, the Lamb of God and the future Lion of Judah,” says Farah.

You will hear from top Israeli leaders, military brass and see with your own eyes why the Jewish state is so strategically positioned in the hotbed of the Middle East.

“Nothing brings you closer to Jesus-Yeshua than a trip to the land and to Jerusalem, where He walked and preached and from where He will reign supreme over the whole world in the coming Kingdom,” says Farah. “Whether you’ve been to Israel before or not, prepare for the most politically exciting and spiritually meaningful adventure of your life.”

Elizabeth Farah will oversee a Sabbath service and teach everyone some elemental Hebrew, while sharing her passion for Israel.


Joseph Farah will share his insights spiritually as well as draw from his unique experience as an Arab-American and former Middle East correspondent.

“Seriously, It will be a most exciting time to visit Israel this fall as there are new political realities at play – a new administration in the U.S. with a markedly different view of Israel and the Middle East than its predecessor,” Farah says. “It’s a historic moment. It’s a biblical moment.””

Check out the itinerary all the details now!

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THIS year in Jerusalem.

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