President Obama has a long history of conflict with Russia, dating back to his first term when then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton presented Russian officials with a “reset” button, only to have the word misspelled.

Of late, Obama has had nearly a full-time job blaming Russia and President Vladimir Putin for hacking Clinton’s emails, which revealed the inner workings of her presidential campaign and allegedly undermined her bid for the White House.

Now, Russians and media members are bidding him “Dasvidaniya,” or good bye.

In their own inimitable way.

For example, one Russian republic, Tatarstan, has named an ice cream after Obama, “Obamka,” for Little Obama.

For Putin, they named a vodka, “Putinka.”

A cartoon has Obama asking, “Can someone explain to me why ‘Putinka’ is a vodka, and ‘Obamka’ is just an ice cream bar?”

A man responds, “I would venture that vodka gives you hope and makes you into a hero.”

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Then he finishes with a snide racial remark about ice cream that would be found unacceptable in America.

The comments and commentaries have been compiled by the Middle East Media Research Institute.

Some of the references are fairly recent, others are from a few months ago.

They all cast Obama in a less-than-flattering light.

In a cartoon that came out after Obama’s recent United Nations address, for example, the dove of peace poops on Obama’s shoulder and Putin laughs at him.

In that speech, “Obama accused Russia of ‘attempting to recover lost glory through force’ and warned Moscow that ‘to interfere in the affairs of its neighbors’ will diminish Russia’s stature.”

See the cartoons online.

Obama’s accusations were met with a harsh response from Russian Senator Konstantin Kosachev: “Obama mentioned Russia twice – and twice erred in his assessments. Russia is not striving to restore the empire and its ‘former glory.’ Russia stands for its position in the world – the position of equal rights and sovereign partnership for all, who are prepared to cooperate in solving global contemporary issues. Moreover, Russia does not interfere in the internal affairs of neighboring states – the responsibility for the destabilization there in all cases rests upon local leaders or on opposition supported from abroad (by the same Americans), but not on Russia.”

A cartoon showing Obama slipping through an hourglass while Putin waves farewell is captioned: “U.S. President Barack Obama is an old memory.”

Another depicts Obama, after his presidency, as a cab driver.

His fare, Donald Trump, directs him: “To the White House, please.”

Yet another depicts Obama as a Santa Claus, with a line of ISIS terrorists asking for rockets, bombs and tanks.

Senator Alexey Pushkov aimed at Obama’s legacy: “Obama is concluding his second term by sharp degradation in the relations with Russia and tense relations with China. [He] deserves a Cold War, rather than a [Nobel] peace prize.”

Reported MEMRI: “Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova is one of the most-quoted Russian officials. She has used her press conferences to flay Obama.”

His foreign policy, for example, “evokes the aversion of the entire world,” she said one time.

“‘I think this man [Obama] and his team – naturally, speaking about the man we mean the team which has proven to be bad for all on the global arena,” she added.

“I think this eight-year office that served under the slogan of their exclusiveness evoked aversion of the entire world. They have failed to fulfill their obligations taken before some countries, they have failed to fulfill what they were commissioned to, including by the American people on the global arena,” Zakharova said.

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