War in the Middle East. The church in apostasy. Israel under siege. A look at the headlines each day shows why more Christians than ever are interested in the subjects of prophecy and the end times.

And they are finding these answers in the books published by WND. In the category of “Christian Prophecies” at, all but one of the top seven books are published by WND Books. The lone exception is the No. 2 book, “The Mystery of the Shemitah,” by Messianic rabbi Jonathan Cahn. And Rabbi Cahn has a close relationship with WND. His writings and teachings can also be found in the WND Superstore.

Founder of WND and WND Books Joseph Farah expressed pride in his company’s accomplishment and gratitude to customers. However, he also said WND is simply filling a huge void in the market ignored by corporate media and establishment publishers.

“Some of the biggest bestsellers ever have been prophecy titles,” he said. “I think of ‘The Late Great Planet Earth’ by Hal Lindsey, the No. 1 bestselling book of the 1970s, and ‘Left Behind’ by Tim LaHaye.

“So this is not a category of books that is insignificant from a marketing perspective. What we’ve seen over the last five years is an emerging dominance in this category by WND Books – and films as well. In 2012 and 2013, ‘The Isaiah 9:10 Judgment,’ which WND Films produced with Jonathan Cahn, was the No. 1 faith film at Amazon for two those two years. Going back to 2010, Joel Richardson’s ‘The Islamic Antichrist’ became a New York Times bestseller. Since then, we’ve added some other top-selling authors in this area – from Carl Gallups to Bill Cloud to Mark Biltz to yours truly, who has been studying this subject for 40 years.”

The top selling book in the “Christian Prophecies” category is the Kindle version of “Mystery Babylon,” which addresses one of the greatest mysteries of the Bible. New York Times bestselling author Joel Richardson provides evidence the city of evil spoken of in Scripture is Mecca, the metropolis in the heart of Saudi Arabia before which millions prostrate themselves every day. The hardcover edition of “Mystery Babylon” is also the No. 4 bestseller among “Christian Prophecies.”

One of the greatest mysteries in Scripture – solved at last! Discover the terrifying truth behind the shadowy identity of one of the greatest horrors of the end times. New York Times bestselling author Joel Richardson reveals the secret of “Mystery Babylon.” Available now in the WND Superstore.

Meanwhile, the Kindle version of Farah’s newest sensation, “The Restitution of All Things,” is winning rave reviews and has the No. 3 slot in the “Christian Prophecies” category.

Farah’s book is a revolutionary analysis of the end times. Though innumerable books have been written on the mysteries of what is to come, almost no one has addressed the most critical point of all – what is the Tribulation leading to? What is God’s plan for the world after the return of Jesus Christ?

Farah painstakingly assembles every biblical reference to the coming Millennial Kingdom to describe how the “Great Hope” of the prophets isn’t a mysterious, intangible grand design, but a kingdom of peace and justice right here on Earth. It’s a message of hope and comfort for believers worried about the last days. Instead of being afraid, Christians should await what is coming with joy.

And believers are taking to the message. Besides the Kindle version having the No. 3 slot in the “Christian Prophecies” category, the hardcover edition has the No. 5 position.

The book has also received all but unanimous five-star reviews at As the top review at the site put it, “[T]his is a book which desperately needs to be read by our generation.”

It’s the book that gives you tomorrow’s news today! Get your autographed copy of “The Restitution of All Things: Israel, Christians and the End of the Age.”

Regardless of where this is all leading, what is driving this new interest in prophecy is the headlines. It’s a world of instability and chaos – and Christians need a guide to help them find their way and see God’s plan through the noise and confusion.

Many have found such a guide in Carl Gallups, a Florida pastor and the author of “When The Lion Roars,” which provides a balanced, biblical approach to understanding contemporary events.

From the gigantic alignment against Israel by the nations to the Jewish authorities preparing for the arrival of the Messiah, events are moving faster and faster towards the last days. And with the Kindle and hardcover versions of the book claiming the Nos. 6 and 7 slots in the category of “Christian Prophecies” and boasting overwhelmingly positive reviews, “When The Lion Roars” is now a core text of Christians who want a sophisticated and yet comprehensible approach to eschatology.

We are living in the most prophetic days since the first coming of Jesus Christ. Know the signs and the times. Can you hear it? “When The Lion Roars” by Carl Gallups is your guide to the most important news of today. Available now in the WND Superstore.

Finally, messianic rabbi Jonathan Cahn, sometimes known as “America’s Prophet,” has done a great deal to promote the interest in prophecy. He rocked Christian America with “The Harbinger,” and the paperback version of “The Mystery of the Shemitah” is still the No. 2 book in the category of “Christian Prophecies.”

Rabbi Cahn is also continuing to make headlines with his recent challenge to President Trump to make his life a vessel for God and his fiery condemnation of the Obama years. Cahn reflects the new interest among many American Christians in understanding how God is still moving in the world. His work shows how the mysteries of the Scriptures don’t just apply to the past, but to what is happening today and what will happen in the future.

Take the first step on a journey which will transform your life in 2017. The keys to spiritual knowledge are presented as you embark on an incredible yearlong quest in “The Book of Mysteries,” the latest can’t miss book by messianic rabbi Jonathan Cahn. Available now at the WND Superstore.


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