The giant super-train hurtled along the track at 90 miles an hour, with several hundred screaming passengers praying and huddling together in the long line of cars reeling out of control. Looming in the distance was the skyline of Philadelphia, and in just minutes the end of the track in the train yards, right at the terminal, teeming with several thousand holiday travelers unaware of the catastrophe about to engulf them, as well as everybody on board the runaway train.

The engineer was in a panic, the braking system had failed completely, and he had but two choices now. Either he could allow the multi-ton juggernaut to smash directly into the station, creating unimaginable devastation – or he could try to wrest the controls to force the train off the track, certainly killing most on board, but avoiding the additional carnage at the station.

I’ve seen more than one film depicting just such an impossible situation, and have read with you reports on similar accounts of trains plowing into stations and other trains, though mercifully not of the same proportion described above.

What’s my point now?

You surely see the connection between this scenario and our upcoming election, don’t you?

Our giant electoral machine – God’s unprecedented gift to a liberty-loving people, a system that has allowed our citizens the incredible privilege of selecting our own leaders, writing our own laws and even changing them by the consent of the governed, for over 200 years, the envy of the rest of the world – has somehow careened out of our control and is headed in just a few days to a conclusion most of us dread! We collectively don’t know what the outcome will be, or whether our republic and our freedoms will be saved in some unexpected way … or if it all will be wrecked and altered forever.

In the midst of this careening race, two would-be engineers are wresting for control. One is a woman whose whole public life, with her husband, has been tangled in scandals, impeachment, evidence of self-serving personal enrichment and illegal, gang-type violence against rivals and disobedient lackeys, now tantalizingly close to achieving a historic goal, being the first woman president of the United States.

The other is a man of stupendous personal achievement in business and unusual wealth, but totally without experience in government and until recently, apparently little control over his verbal impulses and improvident statements. During his surprising campaign, it’s obvious he’s been having to learn the “political game” as he runs – while he’s competing with a woman whose whole life has been spent seeking political power and exploiting it to her and her husband’s personal advantage with devastating expertise.

I’ve recently written an urgent plea for my fellow Americans to virtually forget the candidates and all their faults and foibles, and to vote the platform that more closely aligns with the wishes of the citizens of this teetering republic. Each candidate, with his or her team, has created a menu of what they will serve the nation if he or she is elected. And if we elect a conservative Congress, with backbone and resolve to adhere to the constitutional separation of powers, even a potential renegade can be held in check, for the good of all.

But in these last days, Hillary Clinton has chosen to major in condemning Donald Trump for things he said 11 years ago, totally inappropriate and indefensible, and for allegations of improper behavior, also long ago and unproven. In her latest speeches, she actually implores her followers to “imagine Donald Trump as president, being abusive to women and being a totally decadent role model for young kids, especially girls.”

And while I’ve watched, incredulously, I’ve almost yelled at her image on TV: “Imagine?! Why not just remember what your husband did while he was governor of Arkansas and during eight years in the White House, including at least one recorded Easter Sunday sexual tryst with a young intern in the Oval Office! You ask us to imagine the effect of Trump’s attitudes on impressionable young girls. What about the effect of your husband’s actions, in the Oval Office, on your and his own daughter! Not to mention the ongoing effect on millions of our young boys and girls.

“And what about your own well-documented efforts not to support the female victims of your husband’s sexual appetites – not to defend them and offer support and reparation, but to malign, discredit, threaten and dismiss them as ‘bimbos’ and young female predators!”

What about the lasting, lingering influence of the man who campaigns for you, sometimes so lovingly by your side, who looked into the camera at the American people and swore, “I did not have sex with that woman” and was impeached and disbarred after admitting he had lied? Even today, liberal supporters try to dismiss your and his actions, with lame comments: “Well, what he or she did after hours, and in their personal lives, doesn’t necessarily have any effect on their governing and isn’t any of our business.” Isn’t our business? While you condemn Trump for thoughts and statements, long ago, you want us to absolutely forget what you and Bill did while you were in the places of power we entrusted you with.

This isn’t just “the pot calling the kettle black” – it’s the witch’s cauldron pouring out on the kettle!

May I conclude with what God says about all this?

“Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a reproach to any people.” (Proverbs 14:34)

“Fools mock at sin … but among the upright there is favor.” (14:9)

And “The house of the wicked will be overthrown … but the tent of the upright will flourish.” (14:11)

We the people, still having the final voting choice, must pray and make God our engineer. Vote knowledgeably for the one most likely to seek His guiding hand, and ask Him to make a way where there seems to be no way.

We need to settle back on the track our Founders laid for us.

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