Image courtesy Apex TV

Image courtesy Apex TV

A video posted to YouTube that appears to show a mysterious winged creature with a long tail soaring through the air across a mountain range in China has become a viral sensation, and has viewers bickering over whether the footage is real or fake.

Uploaded by the YouTube channel ApexTV, the video has been viewed more than two million times.

ApexTV has not identified its source, saying only the video was taken by “a man in China … near the border of Laos.”

The video can be seen here:

“It’s a cell phone device camera, so it’s pan focused and can’t focus on particular object,” said one YouTube commenter.

Another user suggested the “dragon” could be a drone.

“I’ve read some articles about how scientists and engineers have combined knowledge and discovered the natural movement and aerodynamics of a bird so perhaps they have tried to replicate it on a machine,” s6ef4enko wrote.

One user pointed to the “sharp” focus of the dragon and the “blurry and pixelated” surroundings as proof the flying creature is a computer-generated image.

Another user bemoaned the prevalence of “low resolution, grainy and unfocused” videos claiming to show unproven phenomena.

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The YouTube channel that posted the video, ApexTV, specializes in “alien videos.”

A note under the YouTube video posting reads:

We at ApexTV are trying our hardest to provide the latest bizarre news in the paranormal field on topics such as aliens, cryptozoology, and mysterious occurrences. It would be of great help if you subscribed to our YouTube channel and left a nice comment below. We will try our best to respond to it!

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