HIllary Clinton and Bernie Sanders

HIllary Clinton and Bernie Sanders

MoveOn.org, one of the dozens of far-left groups funded by George Soros and his Open Society Institute – and an organization that decided in January to back self-declared socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders for president – has gathered nearly 190,000 signatures for a petition that demands the Democratic Party pay attention to voters, not superdelegates, come July’s convention.

“We’re calling on all the Democratic superdelegates to pledge to back the will of the voters at the Democratic Party convention in Philadelphia,” the petition states, Breitbart reported.

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And it goes on, decrying the seeming disenfranchisement of Sanders’ voters in recent weeks.

“Bernie won New Hampshire,” the petition states. “And by a hair, Hillary won Iowa. In other words, there’s a long Democratic primary ahead, possibly fought all the way to the convention. But there’s a problem: there are 712 superdelegates – made up of Democratic elected officials and other prominent party leaders – who have the power to tip the scales, potentially shifting the vote at the convention to whomever they choose. This process is undemocratic and fundamentally unfair to Democratic primary voters.”

Even Sanders admitted the Democratic Party’s superdelegate system is likely to leave him in the cold come convention time.

Just this week, he told an MSNBC town hall gathering in Philadelphia that “at the end of the process, frankly, if we are behind in the pledged delegates, I think it’s hard for us to win.”

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But MoveOn.org members, fueled by cash from the billionaire Soros – who has stated disdain not only for Republican front-runner Donald Trump but also Trump’s key platform of solidifying America’s borders – have launched petition drives nonetheless to try to sway superdelegates and party leadership to pay more attention to the will of the voters.

The most recent petition has 187,315 names; other petition drives from the same group pressing similar demands have bolstered the total of signatures to 380,000, Breitbart reported.

“More than 380,000 MoveOn.org members have signed petitions supporting a simple principle – the Democratic nominee should be the person who wins the primaries and caucuses,” said Ben Wikler, the Washington director of MoveOn.org, in an interview with the Huffington Post. “MoveOn members overwhelmingly endorsed Sanders for president and we want him to win the most pledged delegates, become the nominee and become president.”

Clinton bests Sanders in the superdelegate count by roughly 469 to 29, Breitbart said.

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