U.S. Senate Oath of Office: “I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States of America against all enemies, foreign and domestic, that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter; So help me God.”

Apparently, God has failed to help some of our senators. A largely unreported Florida lawsuit (Case# CACE15022044) reveals that neither Marco Rubio nor Ted Cruz have any claim on the White House, even if elected. Cruz is a natural born Canadian citizen, born in Canada to one or both Canadian citizen parents. Rubio’s parents were both Cuban citizens living in America when he was born in Florida. Neither meets the Constitution’s natural born citizen requirement. Cruz is Canadian. Rubio is an anchor baby. The court battle is on the fringes; not the issues. You can read the legal discussion here.

While this contempt in which both Cruz and Rubio openly hold our Constitution would ordinarily be a reflection of their impoverished and defective characters and overwhelming personal ambition, the oath they took upon being sworn into the United States Senate makes this character issue critically important to all of us. In fact, it demonstrates as does nothing else precisely why the Founders insisted the president be born of TWO American citizen parents AND be born on U.S. soil. No divided loyalties. Period.

The tendency toward treason for personal gain is an ugly and insidious vice, usually cloaked beneath a rousing chorus of children singing “We are the World” or some other such Disney fantasy. Having come through a bloody war for independence, the Founders did their best to insure divided loyalties would not emerge in the mind of the new nation’s commander in chief. They knew humanity better than we do.

Both Cruz and Rubio’s candidacy has everything to do with personal ambition at any cost – even the cost of the nation they swore to uphold when they assumed their roles in the Senate.

The reason this issue reflects upon the GOP’s self-styled “elites” and big Republican donors is simple: Both groups have aided and abetted the personal agendas of Cruz and Rubio by refusing to condemn their citizenship lies, while at the same time putting them forth as valid presidential candidates to Republican voters. It would not matter if either one of them received every vote in the nation. The victor would still be a usurper and his presidency and all the actions taken therein illegal.

This issue is indicative of the contempt displayed by the GOP’s self-styled “elites” toward their fellow citizens, the fundamental principles that make possible a constitutional republic and their own grievous character deficiencies that allow them to place themselves above God, country and their fellow citizens. If the “elites” took their own oaths seriously, they would begin impeachment proceedings against both Cruz and Rubio immediately over the fraudulent citizenship claims both have made in this presidential campaign. Looks like they all have the same integrity problem, doesn’t it?

The middle class, which despite downsizing, doing more with less both at work and at home, and sacrificing family to increased job demands – still hasn’t had a pay raise in 15 years. Their children are looking forward to even worse. Now they are being chastised for their anger.

The “elites,” however, are doing quite well for themselves. As they have become more openly contemptuous of their fellow citizens, they have become more corrupt and autocratic in their dealings. They have sucked up to big donors, who have taken a pittance of the money stolen from the middle class to buy and seal their henchmens’ souls. Big business and the insatiable government bureaucracy now own the “elites,” body, soul and spirit. There will be no end to the demands placed upon them by their owners.

The GOP’s self-styled “elites,” having destroyed the middle class are now busy working on the nation in its entirety. As of this election they are fighting over the decaying remains of the Greedy Old Party. Bon appetite.

The GOP base, as the saying goes, has moved on. Trump may or may not be a Republican. He may or may not govern as a conservative. But at least he is an American. When he sits down at the bargaining table to demonstrate the “art of the deal” with big business, they will repatriate their hundreds of billions of dollars back into America, update facilities and equipment and hire people. The middle class pay rise will arrive with a vengeance. It will be an economic tsunami that will be felt all the way from the despondence of Ferguson on up to the lazy beaches of Kennebunkport.

And the GOP? “May God save America!”

God alone is sovereign.

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