America has endured epic crises in her history: the Great Depression, world wars, even internal strife. Perhaps none, though, compares with the current Thing in the White House. David Kupelian has it right in his spot-on new book, “The Snapping of the American Mind: Healing a Nation Broken by a Lawless Government and Godless Culture.” Kupelian, whose books are correctly defined by an endorser as “fearless,” has that rarest of virtues: he doesn’t care what critics think when he says things that need to be said.


In fact, Kupelian starts off early in “Snapping” by correctly defining the agenda of the Obama administration, calling it a “largely concealed agenda.” This key understanding, of course, is markedly different from those in the majority who lament the “incompetence” of Obama.

If only.

Kupelian knows, as some do, that the American people have reached their limit. The sheer stress brought on by the diabolical Obama, intentional as it is, make it all the more important for us to resolve to right this ship. As Kupelian writes in “Snapping”:

This daily roller coaster of scandals and crises, as well as the multiple threats facing the nation during (and often because of) Obama’s presidency, would be daunting enough. But add to them a pervasive and wantonly perverse culture that celebrates mindless narcissism and wild sexuality while openly mocking God, morality, and the overarching transcendent sacredness of life that preserved our national soul in previous eras. The result is that Americans today are being affected by political and moral chaos in unprecedented and transformative ways.

The intentional destruction of America, as attempted by Obama since 2008, is in actuality a story without an ending as of yet.

That’s where “The Snapping of the American Mind” comes in. Kupelian also artfully weaves a tale of long-tolerated change agents slowly transforming the country, which is an important point if we are to avoid such meltdowns in the future. In other words, vigilance is required, especially in times of prosperity and relative ease. Kupelian points the finger at a thoroughly corrupt educational system and “an equally perverse news establishment.”

Kupelian provides marvelous documentation for his thesis, showing for example that the transformation of America has been deliberate, driven by outright and outrageous lying. For example, he points out Tea Party activists have been compared by media to Wahhabists and active terrorists who strap bombs on in order to inflict maximum damage. In other words, to the Chris Matthews of the world, the Founding Fathers were no better than ISIS.

We’ll see if the American people finally get sick of that kind of rhetoric. If the current primaries are any indication, they will. The Establishment doesn’t seem to understand that Americans are tired of losing. They are tired of having their minds snapped.

“The Snapping of the American Mind” is the kind of book that mavericks write and produce, and I dare say if we didn’t have independent outlets, the average American would know next to nothing. Because people do know what’s going on, thanks in large part to researchers like Kupelian, the country has a chance to survive the Marxist-in-chief. In fact, Kupelian also keenly understands what other fighters like David Horowitz understand: Our opponents have contempt for the “niceness” that has gripped the Republican Party.

Kupelian is having none of it. An example of how he skillfully dismisses ideological opponents: “To my liberal friends: Do me a favor and don’t tell me, ‘But the ’50s had racial segregation.’ Yes, and today we dismember, poison, vacuum, crush the skulls of, chemically burn, or decapitate three thousand beautiful human babies every single day. So just drop it.”

In Chapter 8, “Addict Nation,” Kupelian also discusses a key imperative that we must embrace if the country is to be saved: personal responsibility. We can’t blame everything on narcissistic totalitarians. We must recognize our own culpability in allowing things to get to this point. Winning requires looking in the mirror, and this is just one key feature that separates “The Snapping of the American Mind” from other observations of our society.

Every single chapter in “Snapping” is gold. The reader will learn not only why we are where we are, but also he points to the ultimate solution: not the false messiah so many are embracing, but the Real One.

(One final note: I love books with an index. This one has one; just an added reason to get it, read it, absorb it.)

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