Stating flatly, “Dead white guys did not create this country,” an executive in the American school textbook industry has been captured on undercover video confirming Common Core pushes an elitist, progressive agenda of global warming, gun control and other liberal-left positions on America’s children.

The investigation by James O’KeefeProject Veritas features Kimberly Koerber, a former manager for Pearson, the nation’s leading textbook publishing company. She now works for National Geographic.

O’Keefe reported her statements to Project Veritas journalists included, “Damn the Second Amendment,” and, “People that are not educated, Fox TV viewers, think that Common Core comes from the educated liberal groups, and that’s why they are against it.”

Common Core has been a flashpoint for conservatives for years, and lawmakers in some states have started backing away from its Washington-mandated social viewpoints.

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In this election year, it’s getting even more attention, with GOP front-runner Donald Trump warning: “Nobody can win when you’re in favor of Common Core. It’s a disaster.”

See what American education has become, in “Crimes of the Educators: How Utopians Are Using Government Schools to Destroy America’s Children.”

Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, has said, “I’ll tell you this, as president, I will instruct the Department of Education to end Common Core on day one.”

Former Sen. Rick Santorum declared, “The real issues for Common Core is the elites in our culture who want to indoctrinate our young people into a certain way to think, a certain belief structure, and it’s all spread out through Common Core.”

Pearson released a statement disavowing Koerber’s comments.

“The comments in this video in no way represent Pearson’s values or business practices. They are offensive to our 40,000 employees, many of whom are parents, former teachers, or students themselves, and are dedicated to working each and every day to help people make more of their lives through learning.”

O’Keefe said the latest video, the third in a series about Common Core, shows “there is truly an elitist liberal agenda behind the destruction of America’s public education system.”

“I am putting everyone on notice, if you are using taxpayer money to brainwash our children, I’m going to teach you a lesson and make you an unwilling Internet sensation,” O’Keefe said.

WND reported a previous video  showed education book industry insiders who “hate kids” and push a “bulls–t” system to “sell books.”

Dianne Barrow, a former Houghton Mifflin worker, said: “You don’t think that the educational publishing companies are in it for the education, do you? … No, they’re in it for the money.”

When O’Keefe tried to tell Barrow she seemed like a woman who is “in it for the kids,” she throws her head back, cackles and says: “I hate kids. … I’m in it to sell books. Don’t even kid yourself for a heartbeat.”

Project Veritas also videoed a Brooklyn, New York, school teacher identified as Jodi Cohen talking about Common Core standards, which are used in more than 40 states.

“It’s a joke. … It’s bulls–t. The thing is, what they do is they create some new f–king system that f–king sucks to sell more books, and then we have to learn something new with the students,” Cohen said, the London Daily Mail reported.

See what American education has become, in “Crimes of the Educators: How Utopians Are Using Government Schools to Destroy America’s Children.”

In the latest video, Koerber said Common Core “doesn’t put up with” Republicans who want to get into the education system and talk about their priorities.

She said the strong opposition comes because people “don’t like being told what to do by people they don’t agree with.”

She said Common Core needs to teach children about prostitution, citing the decades-old “Gunsmoke” program and its “Kitty” character.

“Our kids need to know that that’s what it was like, you know,” she said.

On the Constitution, she said: “Damn the Second Amendment. I don’t think personal handguns need to be on anyone except the government, the police.”

Additional statements by Koerber:

  • “People that are not educated, Fox TV viewers think that Common Core comes from the educated liberal groups and that’s why they are against it. They don’t know anything about it. They think it’s liberal so they’re against it. That’s what I think it is. It’s a knee-jerk reaction. My mother, oh my God, she’s a Fox person. If I could remove Fox from my television set, I would.”
  • On the Constitution: “It is being covered, but not the way they … cause they’re idiots and they don’t know what’s in it.”
  • On critics: “They are people that don’t really know what they are talking about. I … I can’t stand it. If they talk to me one more time about … climate change not being real, I’m just gonna scream.”
  • On Christianity in Common Core: “Yes it is [out]. Totally. It’s not a core concept at all.”
  • On critics: “They don’t agree with Islam, so they don’t want their kids to be taught it. They don’t agree with birth control so they don’t want their kids to talk about it. They don’t agree with math because they don’t understand it. It’s not the same math they did in high school. So they don’t want their kids to know about it.”

A previous video:


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