Over the weekend, the British government announced the humble requests that it proposes to submit to Britain’s European masters. If all 27 other member-satrapies of the European tyranny-by-clerk agree to let Britain keep its own currency, to let the British Parliament set the rules for the city of London, the world’s largest financial center, and not to be made to follow rules set by the nations that have adopted the now-failed euro, then the children in charge of the British government will recommend to the people that we should vote to remain subject to the dictatorship of Brussels.

The fact that our elected prime minister is having to go cap in hand to a clutch of foreign nations to beg for the right to be allowed to govern his own country has finally awakened many in Britain to the extent to which our democracy has been destroyed by our governing class in its own self-interest.

As if that were not bad enough, the pre-final draft of the Treaty of Paris, establishing a bureaucratic-centralist, totalitarian global government powerful over all and elected by none, has now been published. It is a Magna Carta of enslavement and subjugation. Mr. Obama, who hates America, will of course sign it, and at a stroke of his communist pen bring to an end two centuries of freedom, democracy and prosperity.

Few, alas, will care. Those who do not value the democracy they inherited, and will not fight for it when it is in imminent and mortal peril, will thoroughly deserve the humiliation of becoming mere subjects not even of the glorious British crown but of a cruel, ignorant, bloodless global oligarchy relentlessly intent only upon its own self-aggrandizement.

The madness of the governing class has now infected even the normally quite sensible British courts. For 1,000 years, the High Court in London has been dispensing (or, depending on your point of view, dispensing with) justice. A few years back, it decided to rebrand itself the “Supreme Court.” Next year, no doubt, it will be calling itself the “Pangalactic Court.”

This normally staid and sensible body of custard-faced judges has now joined in the collective madness that is the global-warming scam. Lord Carnwath, a rabid environmentalist who has much the same opinion on climate change as Prince Charles (in a word, flaky), recently held an international conference of lawyers and judges on the theme of ganging up together to prosecute, convict and imprison scientists and researchers who, like me, commit the crime of conducting diligent scientific research and publishing the results in the learned journals from time to time.

In the future, if Lord Carbuncle gets his way, an inexpert panel of international judges will review our research and pronounce on the extent to which it conforms to the climate-communist party line he so passionately espouses. Those of us whose research dares to point out, for instance, that the data show no global warming for approaching 19 years even though one-third of man’s supposed warming influence since 1750 has occurred over the same period will be found to have committed truth-crime and we will be locked up.

O brave new world, which has such creatures in it! Who does this cream-faced loon think he is, daring to propose substituting his inexpert prejudice for the impartial and dispassionate search for objective truth that is his sworn duty?

As if that were not enough, the oleaginous Christine Lagarde, the chief executive of the International Monetary Fund, has been clambering aboard the now creakingly overcrowded global-warming bandwagon, along with the governor of the Bank of England.

In the past week or two, everybody who is nobody has been emanating flatulently gaseous halations about global warming. The unanimity of the ignorant, as the Analects of Confucius might well have recorded, is as damaging as it is uninstructive. As the West continues to close down its economies and ramp up its debt, our collective economic hara-kiri is accelerated by the trillions now being vainly squandered on fighting off the tenuous and evanescent bugaboo that was “global warming.”

These preposterous public figures have no notion of how absurd they look. But then they are not talking to us when they ponderously deliver their feeble-minded pronouncements on the scientific non-problem of the century. They are talking to each other. At present, if you want to be recognized as a player on the international government scene, you have to make your public declaration of faith in the new superstition, or you will be regarded with profound suspicion and eventually ostracized, isolated and removed from all power or influence.

The governing class have become like lemmings, all heading for the cliff-edge together. When the international financial system collapses under the crushing weight of the debt they have incurred for the sake of keeping themselves in fancy cars, houses and whores, they will realize – alas too late for them and for us – that they ought to have taken a lot more trouble over doing their day job and, on scientific matters of which they have not the slightest understanding, they should have kept what the ancient Greeks call a “holy silence.”

We now need an entirely new governing class – a class that possesses one vital characteristic entirely absent among the fluttering nobodies of the U.N., the E.U., the IMF, the World Bank and the alphabet-soup of costly but useless international organizations. Let them be elected in future, and let no power ever again pass from elected hands nationally to unelected hands internationally.

For if we, the people, elect the heads of the international busybody organizations, then we, the people, will in effect be the governing class. And we can certainly do the job no worse than the jumped-up pomposities who lord it over us now.

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