Anjem Choudary

Anjem Choudary

During an American radio interview Sunday, radical British Islamist preacher Anjem Choudary spoke about whether the recent attack on two military facilities in Tennessee was justified according to Islamic Shariah law.

“One has to have a look at this from the perspective of the reality which is seen coming upon us today in the world, which is the fact that we have an Islamic state,” said Choudary. “You have Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, who is the Caliph, and of course the order has come from him to attack the interests and the personnel and in particular the army of those countries who are at war, in particular America and Britain and France and others. We’ve seen this before in France, and we’ve seen this in Tunisia, and now we see this in Tennessee. I think that this is inevitable.”

Choudary, founder of the outlawed Al Muhajiroun British pro-terrorist organization, was being interviewed for “Aaron Klein Investigative Radio,” broadcast on New York’s AM 970 The Answer and Philadelphia’s NewsTalk 990 AM and online.

“Definitely there is a cause and effect taking place here,” said Choudary regarding the Tennessee attacks, “in return for the drone attacks and the occupation of Muslim land in Syria and Iraq. These are the repercussions that we will increasingly see in the West. I don’t think this should surprise anyone. As you well know, the American establishment is engaged in a war, they are openly hostile toward Islam and Muslims. This is not an unusual phenomenon, and indeed I think that 9-11 was a milestone between the Muslim world and the West, and since then we’ve seen many of these instances. This is just the latest in this quagmire and cycle of violence in which we find ourselves.”

Klein asked whether such attacks are allowed according to Islamic Shariah law, and whether according to the Quran the shooter could go to heaven or not?

“The prominent juristic opinion in relation to this is that there is no sanctity for the lives of those people who are launching attacks against the Muslims,” replied Choudary, “so they do not distinguish between Barack Obama and the civilians who put him in position of authority, and in particular those military personnel who are coming and firing at Muslims and occupying Muslim lands. … If they can target the civilians according to rules of jihad, defending themselves and bringing the war to their enemies, then definitely the army personnel have even less sanctity.”

“Let’s say America withdrew from Iraq or Afghanistan,” pursued Klein. “Let’s say America wasn’t involved in any war. What then? Would the Islamic State be at peace with the U.S., or will the Islamic State only be at peace after the U.S. bowed to Islam and accepted Islamic Shariah law?”

“Well I think definitely the only endgame is one day we would want the Shariah to be in command even in America and in Britain and in China and in Russia and everywhere else,” replied Choudary. “But in the meantime the things we should (inaudible) including the withdrawal of the Jewish occupation in Palestine, the support of the dictators and tyrants in the Muslim world, the pumping out of their own propaganda and the ideology by either the internet and Hollywood, etc. There’s quite a few things I think need to be done for there to be some kind of treaty or some kind of normal relationship. But definitely these things won’t work forever, because ultimately the Muslims believe that we need to propagate Islam. I think ambassadors will be sent to these countries to teach them about Islam as an alternative and eventually I believe the Shariah will be in command. But in the meantime I think there could be some treaty that could mean cease fire.”

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