Dr. Alveda King is an author, minister and Fox News contributor.

Dr. Alveda King is an author, minister and Fox News contributor.

Alveda King has grown accustomed to her life as “the other King” so it should come as no surprise that she holds a view of marriage that conflicts with the official statements coming out of the NAACP and the King Center.

The author of “King Rules: Ten Truths for You, Your Family, and Our Nation to Prosper,” director of African-American Outreach for Priests for Life and a Fox News contributor, believes the left has hijacked the institution of marriage.

king rules bookShe says they’ve repackaged it with nice-sounding language and sold it to the American people under a false paradigm.

As Michelle Obama, Hillary Clinton and Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz explain it, “love won” in Friday’s Supreme Court decision on same-sex marriage. Their allies in the LGBT movement have repeatedly asked “how can love be unconstitutional?”

Whether deliberate or not, that just serves to confuse the issue, says the 64-year-old niece of slain civil rights leader Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

“Love is not the problem. You can love who you want. It’s the sex that is the problem. Sex is not the same as love. People get that mixed up even in marriage,” King said in an interview with WND. “Sex should be part of that marriage union as that is where children come from. Of course all the models we have today are broken. But that was the design. We have people all confused. How it got mixed up is a long story I can’t go into here. It would take days, but we have a lot of teaching to do on this issue.”

Alveda King’s father was A.D. King, the younger brother of Martin Luther King Jr. She believes she is being true to their beliefs on biblical marriage. While still a member of the NAACP, she has said in the past that she believes it’s a mistake to place the LGBT community in the same category with blacks in the civil rights movement and that her uncle would never have approved of doing this.

‘Go back to the beginning’

She said pastors need to go back to the beginning, starting with Genesis, and teach about God’s plan for marriage.

“Parents and families need to be teaching it too,” she said. “Sexual abuse and improper touching was the problem when I was young but now the confusion is with who can marry who.”

She said America has lost God’s perspective on the issue of marriage and that’s why the U.S. Supreme Court was able to get away with ruling the way it did. Years of wrong teaching, or no teaching, preceded the ruling.

Now, she says, it’s time to start from scratch and lay the foundation all over again.

“So what we need to look at is, go back to the beginning and the purpose of marriage and family and human sexuality and how we can fix what got broken,” King told WND. “I believe when we began to abandon the Creator and the original plan, the original blueprint, and we began to go toward human design, that’s when the problems began to occur. When you don’t know the purpose of a thing — why and how something was designed — you will abuse it. And so we’re getting away from the original plan and the original design.”

Common law vs. natural law

Confusion also reigns in deciphering the difference between common law and natural law, said King, who served two terms in the Georgia House in the early 1980s and still lives in Atlanta.

“So the Supreme Court, they’re looking at the common law and man’s design, but the natural law is God’s law and God’s design, and natural law will line up with that. So to me theirs was a common law decision,” she continued.

Like hundreds of other American pastors, King says she will not obey or acknowledge the high court’s ruling.

“I must obey God’s law, I am bound to do that, and of course my uncle Dr. King, my grandfather daddy King, many of my brothers and sisters in the clergy …most of us have made a commitment to follow God’s law. Do we mess up sometimes? Yes, and we can know that our Lord will be there to forgive us.”

Everyone will be “held accountable” in the end, she said.

“Every Christian, everyone, you don’t have to be a Christian, will stand before God in the final judgment, but my Lord Jesus said ‘no one comes to the father except by me,’ and I can expect mercy from my Father, that is the Christian perspective. We will stand before God but we will have an advocate. Only the atheist says there is no God.”

The other mistake that many make, said King, a minister and author of several books on spiritual topics, is to misinterpret the nature of God.

God is love, but that’s not all God is.

“The fullness of God is mercy and judgment and they both exist in the final reality,” King said. “We don’t model that well as Christians. I believe as Christians, and in the year 1983 I was born again and decided to follow God and serve God, I became very transparent about my mistakes — alcoholism, fornication, abortion. Before being born again I thought those things were OK, and now that I know they’re not OK I will speak of the liberty and the joy that I have from not having to hide from my sins.”

King has had two abortions and three husbands but later went on to become a leader in the pro-life movement.

“Even with my children, when I first told them about things that didn’t work for me, we had to pray and do a lot of healing,” she said.

“I’ve been divorced three times. And even today I don’t partake of alcohol, I may have half a glass or at communion, because I know I was an alcoholic. So when my children and I speak candidly they’re ready to avoid some of the pitfalls that I experienced.

“You have to show the transformation. I used to be like this and now I’m not and how did I get to that ‘not’?”

Identifying the ‘author of confusion’

As a licensed, ordained minister and an evangelist, Alveda King said she would not preside over a same-sex wedding. But neither does she marry many who wish to say traditional vows, she said.

“I have such an extensive program that I have to put you through, they keep coming to me but they tend to drop out before we get to the altar,” she said with a chuckle. “I don’t want them to go through what I went through (with divorce).”

She said “love is never a problem, it’s the sex that’s the problem. They hijacked love. It’s just confusion.”

And the Bible clearly identifies the “author of confusion.”

“It’s the devil. But we have to be watchful in our responses and not be hateful. And that’s where we fail as Christians,” she said. “Love never fails, sometimes sex does.”

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