With the recent radical Islamist terror attack in Paris, it is now coming to the attention of some of the mainstream media and Americans that there are certain areas within France and many other countries that are considered “no-go zones.” These are areas that are “off-limits to non-Muslims.” There are approximately 750 of these “no-go zones” across France, and according to terrorism expert Robert Spencer, they are “incubators of Islamic jihad.” These are insulated areas where the government has surrendered all authority to the Muslim community. They are governed by Islamic Shariah law, and not even basic services like police, fire or emergency ambulances are allowed in.

Radical Islamists in these zones actively recruit jihadists, a fact that is not hidden. The French have allowed this to happen and have basically turned a blind eye to the fact that these recruiters gather young disaffected Muslims into their ranks, send them off to Syria or Iraq to fight and have no fear of prosecution from the government. The frightening fact is that this is not just happening in France and other European countries – it is happening here in America.

According to declassified FBI documents and an investigation by the Clarion Project, there is at least one Islamic jihadist enclave in Texas identified by the Department of Homeland Security as connected to a terrorist organization. It has been reported in other media and documentary films that there are 22 or possibly more of these “camps” scattered across the United States. These “camps” or “villages” belong to what is known as “the Muslims of America.” They are part of or linked to a Pakistani militant group called Jamaat al-Fuqra, which was founded in New York in 1980 by radical Pakistani cleric Sheikh Mubarak Gulani. In documentary footage and eye-witness reports, Gulani is recruiting young men, many from prison, into joining his “Soldiers of Allah” fight. They are being trained in kidnapping, explosives, weapons use and guerrilla warfare to prepare them for jihad.

The “Soliders of Allah” are here! See documentary that exposes dangerous terrorist compounds on American soil: “Homegrown Jihad: The Terrorists Camps Around the U.S.”

Back in 2003, the FBI, after investigating some of the tips about enclaves in Texas and New York, concluded that they were justified in concluding that the MOA was “engaged in international terrorism

Why, then, if they have known this since 2003, or perhaps before, has nothing been done about it? Why are these areas allowed to exist and dictate to our federal government what they can and cannot do? Is the hands-off approach done to appease the Muslim community and not make waves, or is it more than that? When investigations are made and the conclusion is that this cleric and these camps are training terrorists to attack our country and allies, why are they not shut down and their leaders tried for treason?

If I remember correctly, Janet Reno and Bill Clinton had no problem going into Waco and attacking the Branch Davidians with full force, tanks and machine guns at the ready. David Koresh was accused of possibly abusing children and then of having a stockpile of weapons. The siege lasted 51 days, with the government finally burning the compound to the ground. With the Muslims of America and their 22 training camps, the FBI and others have concrete evidence that men are being trained to kill and institute terror within the United States. They know where they are and what they are doing, yet no one is even interested enough to prosecute them! We have had numerous attacks on our soil that have led us to Islamic Muslim extremists, the Boston Marathon bombing, Fort Hood, etc., yet Washington continues to look the other way. They always seem so surprised when the perpetrators turn out to be homegrown terrorists with ties to radical Islam, and they continue to deny it until the facts hit them smack in the face and they have to admit it. Even then, they dance around and call it by another name, like “workplace violence.”

Washington seems to be so concerned about the recruiting of young people for jihad through social media. They keep reporting that they are keeping track of who comes and goes from the United States to Syria or other Middle Eastern hotbeds. They monitor that, but they don’t even bother to monitor the terrorist camps right here in our own country!

What will it take to wake them up? People like Frank Gaffney, Michele Bachmann, Pamela Geller, Robert Spencer and Jamie Glazov have shouted from the hilltops about this for years, yet they are ignored, shouted down, marginalized and banned from speaking or entering certain countries.

I keep asking myself, why? It seems to me that it would be pretty simple to put our country first and boot out this cancer that comes from the radical Islamic Muslims, but our leaders don’t seem to want to.

Any suggestions?

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