Conservative women want real men to be a part of their lives, not someone reduced to a “useless yes man” by the domination of a federal government that wants to control men and “save” women with programs such as a “Fluked-up, fifteen-dollar freebie in birth control.”

That blunt assessment is from the authors of “What Women Really Want,” a new book by Dr. Gina Loudon, actress Morgan Brittany and PolitiChicks Editor-in-Chief Ann-Marie Murrell.

“Real women do not need or even want that sort of assistance,” said Murrell told WND.

Loudon believes that real women are for a number of characteristics in men, including:

  • Women want men who advance their economic prosperity, are personally responsible and able to advance themselves and their careers.

Such men desire want independence, not government hand-holding, she said.

In the government’s eyes, “We have been reduced to walking uteruses,” she said.

Real men know that true economic prosperity comes from hard work and not a reliance on government handouts, she said.

According to a Forbes survey, most women have the dream of being able to quit the work force to stay home with their children. Of 1,000 women surveyed, 84 percent of working women said that staying home “is a financial luxury they aspire to.” But a struggling economy and lack of opportunity, as well as oppressive tax laws and flawed public policy, make the dream harder and harder to realize for many women.

  • Women want men who aren’t afraid to stand alone, those who stand up for what is right and honorable and aren’t afraid to go against the status quo.

She says a real man will stand up for freedom and liberty, no matter the pressure from government.

That actually just reflects what many Americans want. A Gallup poll found that 53 percent of Americans want less government meddling in the nation’s problems. Only 13 percent want more government involvement.

  • Women want men who aren’t afraid to let them think for themselves, and exercise liberty by choosing one’s own path.

WB273“Women want government out of their bedrooms, their exam rooms, and their boardrooms! They want to be able to conduct their lives as they see fit, and to reach their full potential by trial and error,” Loudon said.

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Real men and women have to think for themselves because the government is incapable of adequately caring for everyone, nor does it have your best interests at heart, the book argues.

Conservatives understand. According to a Gallup poll, “Democrats also are more trusting of the men and women who hold or seek political office, at 59 percent, compared with 42 percent of Republicans and 39 percent of independents.”

  • Women want men who will do their own jobs, who will work whatever job they have to in order to provide for their family, and take pride in working.

The ever-enlarging federal government and increasing cost of living now often forces women to work outside the home, to the dismay of Loudon.

“Women I talk to today often say that their first love, like mine, is being a wife and mother. That is by God’s own design. But today, so many women must forgo that dream to enter the workplace,” she said.

While in the work force, women want the freedom to choose a job that will work for them. Yet according to Gallup, 44 percent of women still would rather stay at home and take care of their children.

  • Women want men who will listen, not self-absorbed or opinionated blowhards who only seek to satisfy themselves.

Real men care for the women in their lives, and they will value their opinions, beliefs, and their liberties, the book explains.

A discouraging poll done by USA Today found that one third of married women who own pets said their pets listen better than their husbands.

Conversely, there are things that women, the authors say, do not want:

  • Women don’t want to be enslaved.

The federal government pushed women into having children outside of marriage with welfare and other benefits, but these women were not free, the authors suggest. They were dependent on that government, and were warned that they were unable to leave that cocoon.

And the federal government’s support for abortion is not in step with what women actually believe. Only 28 percent of women support abortion under any circumstances while 71 percent believe it should be illegal or legal only in certain situations.

  • Women don’t want to be placated or patronized.

The authors suggest independent women don’t want a nanny state, where a government sees them just as a number.

According to Gallup, 68 percent of women do not trust the government’s ability to fix problems. For example, 63 percent of women saying federal regulations on food have negative or no effect. In addition, women are twice as likely to oppose regulations on salt, sugar, and fat consumption.

  • Women don’t want to be labeled.

The book notes women tire of being labeled as old, young, rich, poor, black, white, fat, and thin. They also don’t want to fight against men in a trumped up gender war.

Almost two-thirds of Americans (63 percent) think that women serving in elected office would benefit the country, according to Gallup. America knows that women care about more than just “gender issues,” and that they can and should be able to engage all political issues.

As Loudon observes, “Politics shouldn’t be about division. Real politics is about standing together for the values we share as Americans, and finding common ground through adult dialogue, civil discourse.”

  • Women don’t want to be invaded.

Any type of government intrusion, whether it be by the NSA, TSA, IRS or Obamacare, irks women and will not be tolerated, the book explains.

According to a CNN poll from 2013, 57 percent of women oppose Obamacare while only 39 percent of women are in favor of it.

“Women in America want men who will take charge of their destiny and will stand up to the federal government,” said Brittany, a film, television, and stage actress since the age of 6, best known for playing Katherine Wentworth in “Dallas.”

Brittany said, “Real men stand up and fight intrusions, and always seek to remain free. Together men and women together can achieve the liberty that Americans have cherished for 238 years.”

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