You’ll never guess who is standing in the way of the most pro-life law in the nation: Republican senators who call themselves “pro-life.”

The Heartbeat Bill, which passed the Ohio House last June, is based on a simple and powerful concept: “If the heartbeat’s detected, the baby’s protected.” It will protect every unborn child whose heartbeat can be heard.

But the Ohio Republican Senate has been holding it hostage for nearly a year. These are the same people who were elected on pro-life promises and the Republican Party Platform. They have the ability to end nearly every abortion in the state of Ohio, but seem content with their record of merely regulating abortion.

They ran as Republicans, but the Republican Party Platform could not be clearer:

“… we assert the inherent dignity and sanctity of all human life and affirm that the unborn child has a fundamental individual right to life which cannot be infringed. We support a human life amendment to the Constitution, and we endorse legislation to make clear that the 14th Amendment’s protections apply to unborn children.”

After 53 co-sponsors out of a 99-member House, multiple rallies, billboards, bumper stickers, yard signs, television, radio and full-page print ads, five 5,000 red heart balloons, heart chocolates, heart cookies, heartbeat teddy bears, 2,200 red roses, an airplane that flew over the statehouse and demonstrating more support than any bill in America, IT’S TIME FOR A VOTE.

There are two basic methods of persuasion: the carrot and the stick. We have given these senators so many carrots, they have spit them out in our face. Perhaps it’s time for another approach.

They didn’t like the teddy bears and roses, so let me introduce a more direct approach, one that will not let them get away with further delay and more excuses. On neon-pink postcards, the 23 Republican members of the Ohio Senate are being asked a very simple question: Are they Republican or Republican In Name Only (RINO)?

We’re asking them to take the “RINO test.” Printed on the postcards is a very clear choice:

___A. I stand by the Republican Platform and call for the protection of unborn children with an immediate floor vote on the Heartbeat Bill (H.B. 125). Roe v. Wade must be challenged and overturned and there is no better time than now.

__B. I am Republican In Name Only and am content with merely regulating abortion. I will continue to stall and make excuses rather than call for a vote to protect unborn children with the Heartbeat Bill (H.B. 125). I accept and conform to Roe v. Wade and have no desire to challenge it.

We then urge them to CHOOSE LIFE, stand by the Republican platform and bring the REAL Heartbeat Bill to an immediate floor vote! And we remind them that inaction is a costly choice, one that has cost nearly 26,000 Ohio babies’ lives (that the Heartbeat Bill would save each year).

Either they stand by the pro-life Republican Platform and bring the protective Heartbeat Bill to a vote, or they are RINOs, plain and simple. We’re not calling names. We’re just asking them to take the RINO test.

They will need to choose wisely – an image of a RINO next to your name is one that may have a tendency to stick. The fact that these pink postcards resemble “pink slips” is ironic, and perhaps prophetic. But, the choice is theirs.

Let them know that pro-life America isn’t buying their flimsy excuses that the Heartbeat Bill could be challenged in court. They said the same thing when I was lobbying to pass Ohio’s informed consent, parental consent and the nation’s first ban on partial-birth abortion. All were challenged, and all were ultimately upheld. Had we listened to the naysayers, partial-birth abortion would still be legal today. Instead, children are now protected from this brutal form of abortion because the Ohio Legislature had the courage to lead the way for the nation. History is on our side.

To say we must conform to Roe v. Wade (and subsequent pro-abortion rulings) is to say we will never outlaw abortion. It is to say we are content with the status quo of abortion on demand and we will never do anything more than regulate it.

I’m not asking you to fly here and walk door to door. You don’t have to work the phone banks. I’m asking you to click one button to bombard the Senate with more pink postcards than they have ever seen, calling them to make the choice that will label them for the rest of their political career: Republican or RINO? Let them know the nation is watching.

Why does an Ohio bill affect you? Because when Ohio protects children with beating hearts, other states will follow. Mississippi already has. They already passed a version of Ohio’s Heartbeat Bill through their House, but, unfortunately, their Senate killed it. We can’t let them do it here.

Someone has to break through the wall of Roe to protect unborn children, and there is no one closer than Ohio, who can send the most pro-life law in America to pro-life Gov. John Kasich for his signature with ONE SENATE FLOOR VOTE.

Please help us break through the wall of resistance, because when the Senate votes, the killing stops.

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