Oklahoma Sen. Tom Coburn, author of “The Debt Bomb,” says America will solve its massive debt problem. He says we will either address the crisis in a real way while we still have time or we will have the terms forced upon us the way Europe is now dealing with Greece.

Sen. Tom Coburn’s new book ”The Debt Bomb” warns of economic crisis

“A small number of Senate colleagues are ready … a large number lack the courage to do it,” Coburn tells WND.

Coburn tells us how he would like to see tax reform addressed and whether he thinks a consensus can be reached in this political climate. He also explains how entitlement reform – and Medicare reform in particular – can be achieved in a way that saves the system by making it more efficient.

“Breach of Trust” chronicles Sen. Tom Coburn’s efforts as a true citizen legislator to help limit the runaway spending in Washington

“We lack the visionary leadership to explain the problem and draw the country together in fighting this debt bomb,” adds Coburn.

Coburn also offers his thoughts on the Ryan plan and how much the results of the 2012 elections will impact the likelihood of real action on our debt.

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