When author Suzanne Venker heard Rush Limbaugh mention her name on the air just recently, she was “elated.”

“I felt like I’d been screaming from the rooftops for 10 years, and I’d finally made it to the top of the heap,” said Suzanne Venker, the co-author, with Phyllis Schlafly, of “The Flipside of Feminism: What Conservative Women Know – and Men Can’t Say.”

Limbaugh was impressed by Venker’s recent “Open Letter to President Obama,”in which she criticized the new White House plan to fight “discrimination against women in the workplace” and close the so-called “wage gap.”

Rush shared an excerpt from her “Open Letter”

“The bottom line is that the pay gap exists because of a voluntary division of labor, not discrimination by a conspiracy of male chauvinists. Men simply work more hours than women. And people who work more hours – or work at more difficult, unpleasant, or riskier jobs, earn more. And they should.

“You’re wasting valuable time and money, Mr. President. There will never be male-female pay parity so long as most women spend part of their lives caring for their children. And thank God they do.”

Better yet, Rush told his audience to watch for Venker’s forthcoming book, “How to Choose a Husband.”

In that book, Venker asks women to challenge “the script they’ve been sold” by society, “and do a 180 when it comes to their attitude toward sex, courtship, and married life.”

At a time when women are putting off marriage and childbirth, only to discover that the remaining available men aren’t interested in commitment, Venker says women who want to start families need to “detox from feminism,” and the sooner, the better.

“How to Choose a Husband” will give Rush Limbaugh more to discuss when the book is published by WND in February 2013.

On the topic of parity, Limbaugh added his own perspective:

“The government needs to keep out of it,” Limbaugh said. “Obama wants to make this issue … his own White House is full of lower paid women, and by the way we got the photos to establish his campaign staff doesn’t look like America. His campaign staff … there’s a picture of the Obama re-election team. It’s all white.”

Limbaugh continued, “If the messiah, if the one, cannot bring about pay equity in his own office, why should anyone else be forced to do it. This is my point. These are the utopians. Obama has the power to put together his utopia right in the White House. No bullying, no discrimination, equal pay. Whatever the issues are. Yet all this disparity exists. There’s probably bullying that goes on in there. And he’s probably one of the biggest bullies in there, as the boss.

“His campaign staff doesn’t look like America. Nobody on that campaign staff looks like Al Sharpton, that I can see.”

Hear Venker talking about her ideas:

Suzanne Venker is co-author of the new book “The Flipside of Feminism: What Conservative Women Know – and Men Can’t Say” (WND Books). Her website is www.suzannevenker.com.

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