(WHDH-TV, Boston) — LYNN, Mass. — Two girls, apparently with a grudge, wailed on each other in a Lynn park. Many people stood by and watched, even recording the fight.

Police saw the fight online and alerted the mayor.

“There will be consequences for this. Not only for the girls in the fight, but also for the ones who stood by and videotaped the fight. The ones who were complacent and watching the fight and the ones who were refereeing, for lack of a better term,” said Mayor Judith Kennedy Flanagan.

The mayor said the two Lynn English High School girls fought after school on Friday. She said they were not seriously hurt despite their violent confrontation, but they may not understand the consequences of their actions.

“They all need to be dealt with because if we say nothing then we send a message that it’s okay to stand by and watch violence,” Mayor Flanagan said.

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