On Friday, President Obama announced an “accommodation” had been reached on a new government rule mandating coverage of birth control options for women.

Instead of forcing employers to pay for such options regardless of institutional beliefs, Obama now says insurance companies will be required to pay for it without charging businesses or individuals higher premiums.

“I think the services will be covered in the rates in general, I think they’re burying it behind the paperwork.

“I think this is a reprehensible intrusion … where did we come to the point where certain coverages in a health-care policy become a right.”

Rep. Blake Farenthold (R-Texas) was appalled by the first draft of the rule and he’s just as unimpressed with the new version.  Farenthold says birth control options are not expensive and he says there’s a genuine question as to whether contraception is a women’s health issue.

“There are a variety of organizations that provide these services for free without requiring religious organizations to pay for them and go against their faith.”

He says beyond that, this is a classic case of religious freedom being infringed and a textbook case of the government making decisions in areas where it doesn’t belong.

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