The eligibility hearing in Georgia today before an administrative law judge for state residents who contend Barack Obama isn’t constitutionally qualified to run for president set a precedent for allowing evidence on the issue to be introduced, but for those on the left side of the political dial, it was the target for jokes.

“Someone physically born on U.S. soil can have parents from Mars and qualify, so long as said Martian parents weren’t diplomats,” wrote a contributor to the comments section under a report by the Southern Law Poverty Center.

The organization’s political position perhaps is best typified by the fact that it routinely attacks organizations that support traditional American family values at “hate” groups.

The report came out in the run-up to today’s hearing in Atlanta before Judge Michael Malihi. He previously set the hearing for three sets of Georgia residents raising complaints, and rejected a move by Obama’s lawyer to quash a subpoena for Obama to be on hand and testify.

In fact, Obama snubbed the court hearing today, after his lawyer last night sent a letter to the Georgia secretary of state accusing the judge of letting the attorneys “run amok” and saying Obama would not participate in the events.

That resulted in a hearing today that accepted evidence that Obama is not eligible to be on the ballot, with no defense that he might be. Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp earlier warned Obama’s lawyer missing the hearing would be at Obama’s “peril.”

The SPLC report said those pursuing the complaints were part of a “farcical battle to prove that the president is constitutionally unqualified for office.”

The evidence today confirmed that the likely definition of a “natural born citizen,” as the Constitution requires for the president, is a child of two citizen parents. The evidence was highlighted by Obama’s own admission his father never was a U.S. citizen. His critics say that means he never was and never will be eligible to be president.

The SPLC wrote about Judge Michael Malihi, saying his “bailiwick … includes ballot disputes and citizens’ complaints against state agencies.”

The report said he “rarely has made the papers since his appointment in 1995.”

Among responses to the article was one writer who called those who raised the concerns “neanderthals.”

“One can only pray and hope critical thinking and reason will save the day…” the participant said.

Another wrote, “As an administrative judge, Malihi has no authority to compel the president to appear for the hearing. He can and (often does) make his recommendation without the presence of anyone on the defense side.”

But that author appeared concern about the developments in the case: “The judge will make a recommendation to the GA Sec of State, who doesn’t have to accept it. The SoS’s ruling can be appealed to the GA Supreme Court.”

But other comments were more far-reaching.

“So if a woman has a C-section is the child eligible to run for president or does the ‘MacDuff exclusion’ apply?” said one.

Added another, “Nobody seems bent out of shape by the fact that John McCain was born not in the contiguous 48 states (at the time), but the Panama Canal Zone.”

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