Underscoring the urgency of stopping the increasingly audacious advance of Obama’s radical left-wing agenda, top-rated talk-radio host Michael Savage says he no longer thinks former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney is capable of defeating the president this fall.

The Republican Congress has shown itself incapable of stopping Obama, he said on his Friday show, and “Mitt Romney is the wrong man for the job.”

After drawing lessons from the rise of Mussolini in Italy and recounting Obama’s most recent moves – such as “recess appointments” widely regarded as unconstitutional and a declaration that he must act without Congress – Savage noted that Romney’s critique of Obama has amounted to saying that he is “in over his head.”

“If the best Mitt Romney is going to say is that [Obama’s] just a nice guy, but he’s just in over his head, then Mitt Romney is a putz,” Savage said.

Obama, Savage declared, “is not a nice guy.”

“He is a bad guy. And he is not over his head,” Savage said. “Barack Hussein Obama is 10 times smarter than Mitt Romney. Mitt Romney is way over his head.”

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Romney repeated his critique after his narrow victory over former Sen. Rick Santorum in the Iowa Caucuses, saying of Obama: “This president we have now is over his head when guiding this country.”

“I’ll go to work getting Americans back to work,” Romney declared.

Savage said that “if that’s all he is going to say, then he is not going to win, and he is not the man to save this country from this gang.”

“Mitt Romney is not capable of leading the United States of America,” he said.

Savage, on his show Thursday, said that America is “watching a dictatorship emerging now where [Obama] is literally coming out of his chrysalis and showing his true nature.”

Savage said he now thinks that Santorum could beat the man long-regarded as the Republican front-runner, “because Romney has shown himself to be incapable of leadership.”

“I think Santorum has a good chance now, the more I’ve seen of him,” Savage said. “I think his story is good. He’s good looking. His wife is good looking. He’s tough.”

Savage also pointed to Santorum’s youthfulness, compared to Romney’s “banker-type” appearance and demeanor, as an asset.

“The fact of the matter is that Romney is not going to be a candidate that anyone is going to get behind, except the old guard, old money Republicans,” Savage said. “I don’t think he can win at this point. I used to think he was the only one who could win. [But now], not at all. I don’t think he could win at all.”

Savage also thinks it’s vital that former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, who finished fourth in Iowa after once holding the lead in polls, gets out of the race, because of the damage he is doing to other candidates, particularly through his harsh attacks.

“I believe that Gingrich is a rolling cannonball on the Republican ship, and he’s trying to knock the legs out of any of the other sailors in the Republican Party,” Savage said.

Gingrich, Savage charged, “does everything for his own advantage.”

“Gingrich needs to be tarred and feathered by every member of the American conservative media as fast as possible,” Savage asserted.

Savage said last week that Gingrich and Rep. Ron Paul of Texas, who finished third in Iowa, are destroying an already-weakened “Republican brand,” increasing Obama’s chance of being re-elected.

“Gingrich needs to be put into a barrel, stripped naked and made to run around the country like the figure he is,” Savage said on his show Friday. “This man is a rolling embarrassment and a threat to the survival not of the Republican Party but of the United States of America.

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