I am a 60-year-old Ron Paul supporter.

Your negative issues regarding Ron Paul:

1. Same-sex marriage – not in the Constitution, best left to individual states.

2. National security – Paul is for a VERY strong national defense, one ready to successfully defend us.

3. Foreign policy – welfare (wealth redistribution) to foreign nations is not authorized in our Constitution (regardless of friend or foe).

4. War – Yes, with a declaration by Congress, implying the support and backing of the American people.

5. War – No, if the Congress refuses to declare such, implying the American people do not support it. Interestingly enough, the House Republican leadership refused even to allow a vote on Paul’s bill to declare war. Neither the House nor the Senate believed enough in a war with Afghanistan or Iraq to bring it up for a vote. The War Powers Act of 1973 is an illegitimate and unconstitutional substitute.

6. Secure borders – strict enforcement of current laws would correct our problems. Failing to enforce current laws, with or without a proper fence on our southern border, guarantees and perpetuates insecure borders.

I used to be a registered Republican and served as a delegate to both county and state (Utah).

A few years ago I registered with the Constitution Party and have since served as a delegate to both county and state.

Public high school provided me with only a brief introduction to the U.S. Constitution. It was not until I turned 40 that I began to make up for that mistake through serious study. Today the Constitution is very familiar and understandable.

As my interest and understanding grew, I became painfully aware of just how little others understood it and began to look for “true believers in both word and action.”

It wasn’t long before I realized almost all pundits and legislators either do not understand, or worse, voice faithless loyalty oaths to our Constitution. Their words are loud enough but lack conviction. At best, they are partial believers and pick and choose only the portions they like and ignore the parts they don’t. Their Constitution represents nothing more than a moth-eaten rag.

Ron Paul is the exception!

As a matter of fact, if anyone wants to begin a serious study of what the Constitution actually means and how to apply it to proper governance, I suggest watching YouTube highlights of Ron Paul’s Republican presidential debate questions and answers. It is a treasure trove of how to!

Paul exhibits a courageousness not found in others. As a consequence of doing what is right, he has to put up with the harsh criticism of others whose best is not good enough.

My vote will only go to one who vows allegiance to constitutional law as understood by the founders.

If not Paul, then the future candidate from the Constitution Party.

Richard Daughters

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