Mr. Farah,

I’m a loyal fan, but I’m ashamed of you after reading your commentary on Ron Paul today.

The battle for America’s survival is not in getting the right values into federal government, but in pulling its growing fangs. A good bully can – no, will – be replaced by a bad bully. Liberty must have no bully at all.

That is why the prayer-inspired Constitution does not mandate Christian views but simply limits federal government’s say. And that is precisely why Ron Paul does not support his own views on marriage at the federal level, but supports states’ rights instead. You are, I believe, wrong to state that he is for same-sex marriage; he is not. He is exactly where the Founding Fathers were.

Admittedly he is clueless about Israel and Islam, but even there, as a constitutionalist limiting his own views, what damage do you think he could do? Compared to the damage anyone else will inflict internally with exploding federal powers? That is a cancer that will deny America not any fighting chance, but any chance to fight at all.

I fear for America because everybody is courting his favorite whore while the only virgin stands unwanted.

Please, if we are going to take the best of his ideas, then let’s take the centerpiece: a republic, with an enforced Constitution. Not a benign Christian dictatorship.

Anthony Rose

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