By Michael Carl

A series of videos of Mitt Romney saying he supports a woman’s right to abortion and homosexual rights has made the rounds of prospective Republican Iowa voters, and it’s having an impact.

A report coming out of Iowa says that hundreds of Iowans have received the videos and are saying “No” to the Romney campaign.

Brian Camenker, executive director of the Massachusetts-based non-profit Mass Resistance, says the video collection is from Romney’s own words.

“It’s a collection of his own words on various issues from gay rights to abortion to gun control, to immigration, to a whole gamut of things,” Camenker said. “These are taken from interviews that he gave and speeches going back to his 1994 campaign and his governor’s race, and even some recent appearances.”

Thirty of the videos have been compiled on a YouTube page featuring Romney’s television appearances, and Camenker says that some of the statements are, in his words, “shocking.”

The first of those videos, focusing on abortion, can be seen below:

“They’re not very long; they’re just a few minutes, each one. What we found is hearing him actually say these things is a lot more powerful than we had imagined,” Camenker said, “[for example], watching and hearing him say that he will support and defend a woman’s right to choose, and he supports Roe vs. Wade, and has since the time his mother ran for the U. S. Senate.”

In one of the videos called, “Mitt Romney has a truth problem,” the former Massachusetts governor disavows Reagan, claims he was an independent and then voices support for Massachusetts’ strong abortion rights laws:

“To hear him say that and to watch him say that is very powerful,” Camenker said.

Camenker says that he sent the videos to a list of names and email addresses that Mass Resistance has accumulated from people in Iowa. He says the feedback has been “incredible.”

“It’s really lit a fire,” Camenker said. “People are resending them, and it’s a lot stronger than we thought it would be.”

The video list is having an impact. A former Republican Party official who asked not to be identified says the videos are making their way through the rank and file of Iowa’s Republicans. The official reports that a contact in one of the campaigns also affirmed the videos are leaving a mark.

“Those videos are having an impact. They’re flying through the church community like wildfire,” the party official said.

The GOP official also verified that the videos are being forwarded, and many in Iowa’s church community are seeing the clips of Romney voicing support for gun control, supporting repeal of “Don’t ask, don’t tell” and other moral issues.

The Washington Times reports that a top Iowa official who shares Romney’s faith is nonetheless campaigning with former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum. Iowa Secretary of State Matt Schultz is a Mormon, but he’s cast his lot with Santorum, he says, because he and the conservative Catholic candidate share what he calls “core values.”

Not only does Romney has trouble from members of his own church, another video points to 850 Rabbis coming out against Romney:

Neither Romney’s national campaign headquarters nor any of his field offices have responded to WND’s requests for comment on this story.

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