Throughout your articles, especially the ones your reporters and editors write, and throughout your comment sections by readers, there is increasingly far too often biblical justification for opinions and predictions, so much so that it has reached the point of becoming both annoying and meaningless.

Anyone who has read or studied the Christian Bible knows full well that you can find a passage to justify virtually anything you want to do, think or feel. On top of that, I don’t see any ascended spiritual masters on your staff or in your commentary or comments sections who have any real insight into what the Bible passages really mean spiritually. It’s 100 percent speculation or fundamentalist literal word-for-word interpretation, which just can’t be correct. The Bible was never meant to be taken literally but to provide followers and seekers with the guidance to find the Truth – the spiritual truth – behind and hidden within the passages.

As a consequence, I don’t read the comments anymore. From anyone. As soon as I see a reference to some Bible passage by Farah or anyone else, I move on to the next article until I reach the point of losing interest in the entire website.

Among other, I’m sure, unintended consequences of these citings is that, after a while, it becomes insulting to Christians like me (hardly a liberal, I might add), especially when the references are so completely misinterpreted or just plain wrong. Now you’re making all Christians look like ignorant fools, and that’s called an Unintended Consequence.

I don’t know what you can do about it because you profess to believe in free speech in your comments section, and your website attracts all sorts of people who cite the Bible all the time to justify what they believe, right or wrong. You’ve made your bed and now you have to lie in it. But I don’t. Not anymore.

Greg Willis

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