I truly feel sorry for the winner of the Iowa Caucuses, whoever it may be. After enduring increasingly harsh attacks by their opponents and seemingly endless appearances and hand shaking, the worst is just ahead. The winner now faces the multi-million-dollar-funded Obama attack machine.

With no record of note nor accomplishment to cite, Obama’s minions can only attack, and they will be merciless, surely with the aid of a national press that near deifies Obama. I think if Obama’s opponent is to prevail, there is only one sure way to do it. And that is to relentlessly insist he open up the many, many records of his origins and past he has apparently paid millions to conceal. Millions like me believe in those records lies proof Obama is obviously and overtly ineligible for the office. I believe Obama’s vulnerability lies in what he conceals. Surely, Obama’s opponent would be smart to exploit that. That would surely put Obama on the defensive. A smart strategy indeed.

Mr. Laurence

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