I said it. So send the politically correct police after me.

Even though most people are not offended by these opening salutations, we hear many stories about an element of our society that appears to be trying to take Christ out of Christmas, happy out of Hanukkah and New Year.

Some public schools have insisted on calling this season their “holiday break” instead of the traditional Christmas break. Fine! So which holidays are they referring to? Some schools have even banned images of Santa and the presence of poinsettia flowers with the distinguishing red leaves, because those symbols might remind kids of (don’t say it) Christmas.

There was even a case in Illinois where an atheist sued the school district for allowing kids to have a moment of silence because in that moment they might think about God or Christ. Heaven forbid we might even think about God!

And some cities do not want to allow nativity scenes to be displayed in the public square (places owned by the citizens) because it might offend someone. Well, I am offended that they might be offended by what I believe, since I am not offended by what they chose not to believe.

If this nonsense is the barometer of our society, then we have gone from political correctness to political stupidity. For those who disagree with me up to this point in this commentary, you can stop reading now because I’m going to annoy you even more in the rest of it.

The overwhelming majority of believers in the United States are Judeo-Christian believers. We fully respect those who happen to believe in any other legitimate religion.

When the Founding Fathers said in the Declaration of Independence that they (we the people) are “endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights,” each of us gets to choose our Creator and it did not say we could not express our belief in that Creator. And one of those unalienable rights is to be able to express our beliefs openly and freely. It’s called the First Amendment to the Constitution, which many people also misinterpret.

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