Determined not to allow a Michael Moore film festival to be held in their town without a challenge, residents of a “red state” city in Michigan have organized a competing event featuring conservative and pro-America movies.

Moore, the leftist filmmaker who gained critical acclaim for his Bush-bashing “Fahrenheit 9/11,” is hosting his festival in Traverse City, Mich., July 28-31.

After hearing about Moore’s plans, Genie Aldrich, who lives in nearby Suttons Bay, contacted American Film Renaissance, which sponsored what it called the “first ever conservative film festival” last year, to help stage a competing event.

Jim Hubbard is American Film Renaissance’s president and founder.

“Traverse County went 60 percent for Bush,” Hubbard told WND. “That whole area is pretty much Republican.”

Hubbard says some of the local townspeople were “just a little bit nervous” about the Moore event. “They don’t really share Michael Moore’s worldview.”

The themes of the counter festival, which will run July 29-30, will be “faith, freedom and patriotism,” Hubbard said.

The “Traverse Bay Freedom Film Festival” will screen “Michael Moore Hates America,” “Confronting Iraq,” “Echoes of Innocence,” and classic favorites such as “Top Gun,” “Airplane!,” “On the Waterfront” and “Charlotte’s Web.”

Also featured will be the Disney documentary “America’s Heart and Soul.”

Moore’s event, the “Traverse City Film Festival,” will feature 31 movies, including four classics that will be shown on a 40-foot-high, inflatable screen in a park beside Grand Traverse Bay.

Though none of Moore’s films are in the line-up, some of the movies address political issues such as unemployment, globalization and corporate corruption.

Said Hubbard: “America is a place of hope, growth and opportunity, and most of the people in this country do not share Michael Moore’s negative view.”

Aldrich says when Moore announced his festival, she knew the filmmaker, whom she refers to as “Mr. Deception,” had a political agenda.

“The movies he is showing represent the minority, extreme, radical left view,” Aldrich told WND. “Even the moderate Democrats are running for the tall grass.”

Aldrich said “like-minded businessmen” of Traverse City are financing the pro-America festival.

“They are donating their time, their goods and their services,” she told WND. “Whatever their occupation is, they’re giving it to us free.

“They want to show the world that this is Heartland region, and we are pro-family, pro-faith and pro-freedom.”

Aldrich says there are radio stations and TV stations that are anxious to publicize the festival. An official press announcement is scheduled to go out today.

Another distinction Hubbard made between the two festivals was the cost. Tickets to Traverse Bay Freedom Film Festival movies will be free, on a first come first served basis, whereas Moore’s event will charge $7 for tickets to individual screenings.

Further information about the Traverse Bay Freedom Film Festival can be obtained by calling 231-271-1121.

Hubbard says his AFR organization is planning its second annual film festival in Dallas this year, as well as festivals in Hollywood and Little Rock, Ark.

Stated Hubbard: “These festivals give a voice to 80 percent of the country that believe this is a great place – a very Reaganesque vision of the country.”

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