Ilana Mercer, a rising star in libertarian commentary, today begins writing an exclusive weekly column, “Return To Reason,” for WorldNetDaily.

Ilana Mercer

Mercer describes herself as “a wandering Jew” who has lived in Israel, South Africa, Canada and, now, the United States. The daughter of a rabbi, Ilana initially found herself on the left side of the political spectrum. However, as she puts it:

Ruminations about the corrosive effects on society of the therapeutic culture and the cult of the victim soon led to other realizations. Whether it was in promoting official multiculturalism, radical-feminist orthodoxy, critical-race theory, affirmative-action policies or literary deconstruction – the state was everywhere. What’s more, neatly factioned into special interests, citizens now lined up to cheer the state’s assault on basic liberties.

Freedom had become synonymous with qualifying for some government entitlement. Charity was dead, usurped by government. Newly minted “human rights” decreed that equality had to be achieved through the state’s divide-and-rule wealth confiscation and distribution activities. The state was eroding private property not only by distributing it, but by regulating how its rightful owners could use it.

Upon her awakening, Mercer began writing editorials. Be it sex, music, pop culture, pseudo-science or the political economy, Ilana Mercer isn’t afraid to have a go at the topic at hand … and with plenty of “sauce, but absent the impoverished frame of reference you’ll find in mainstream media.”

As a freelance columnist, she has written commentary for the Calgary Herald, the Financial Post, Insight Magazine, the Ottawa Citizen, the Colorado Gazette, Report News Magazine and other publications. She also has been published on free-market, liberty-oriented websites such as the Ludwig von Mises Institute, the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons, Laissez Faire City Times,, FreedomNews and the American Partisan.

When she’s not reading or spending time with her family, Mercer can likely be found indulging one of her other two passions: running and listening to chamber music and Bach – any Bach. She also loves the “hard core, intricate and masterful brilliance of metal outfits
like Symphony X and Dream Theater.”

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