CARTHAGE, Tenn. – Tracy Mayberry has been pleading for months with her
landlord, Vice President Al Gore, to complete promised repairs on a rental
home, but after weeks of inaction by the Gore’s property management
company, Mayberry and her family moved out yesterday, saying that enough is

The Mayberrys have packed up their belongings from their Gore-owned rental
home and are moving to Lima, Ohio, where they will live with friends until
they can get settled. They are being assisted in the move by officials from
the Tennessee Republican Party.

Mrs. Mayberry has lived in a rental home owned by Gore for more than a year. Months ago she began asking for repairs to be made to the home after sinks wouldn’t drain and her toilets began to back up and overflow. The situation became desperate when the plumbing failed and she was told it would cost $300 to fix the sewage system – money, she says, she didn’t have. She then turned to her landlord, Gore, asking for help.

Initially, Gore’s property management company, Gore Realty, tried to evict the Mayberrys rather than fix the problems. Gore Realty sent an
eviction notice to the family May 26 (a copy of which has been obtained by WorldNetDaily), prompting her to turn to a local TV news

to air her plight.

“How can he (Gore) take care of the nation when he can’t take care of one house,” Mayberry told news reporters, calling Gore a “slumlord.”

The subsequent national attention prompted the vice president to call Mayberry directly, promising to find a place for the family to stay and pay for the rent while renovations were made to the house. But, according to Mayberry, nothing has been done, forcing them to make yesterday’s move.

The chairman of the Tennessee Republican Party, John “Chip” Saltsman, Jr., told WorldNetDaily that it offered to assist the Mayberrys several weeks ago. The party was contacted by her earlier this week with a request for help in moving.

“The fact is that Vice President Gore has repeatedly promised to help this family, and he has reneged on his promises time and time again,” Saltsman told WorldNetDaily. “Somebody had to step in and help this family, because its clear that he doesn’t intend to.”

He said that seven GOP employees were currently helping to load the family up, and that the party had rented two trucks to assist the Mayberrys in their move to Ohio.

Speaking to reporters yesterday, Mayberry expressed her thanks to the Republicans for their assistance.

“This is the Volunteer State, and we do help our own,” she said. “Apparently that is something Al Gore never learned growing up in Washington, D.C.”

Calls by WorldNetDaily to Audrey Elrod, manager of Gore Realty and Gore’s attorney, James Bass, for comment were not returned.

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