In this era of invasive and often insidious media scrutiny, I am
astounded that virtually no major media outlet has investigated the
brutal murder of 13-year-old Jesse Dirkhising.

I recently detailed the particulars of this murder in my weekly
Falwell Confidential commentary. I was amazed by the response of my
readers who indicated they had not even heard of this case. Of course,
WorldNetDaily readers have had the opportunity to learn of this
disturbing murder because Joseph Farah was one of the first to
fearlessly document this case.

However, Americans who don’t regularly visit Joseph’s excellent news
service, have no idea that this terrible — and I believe significant —
murder ever happened. Here is a brief synopsis of this horrifying
murder: In September, Joshua Brown, 22, repeatedly raped young Jesse
Dirkhising while Davis Carpenter Jr., 38, his gay lover, watched. After
brutalizing Jesse for several hours, Brown decided it was time for
lunch. He took the boy’s underwear and stuffed them in his mouth,
apparently to ensure Jesse’s silence. Brown then sealed the boy’s mouth
shut with duct tape. Carpenter later noticed that Jesse was not
breathing and called 911. When police arrived, they discovered drugs
that were allegedly used to suppress the young man. They also discovered
Jesse’s body — the apparent victim of positional asphyxia, the
inability to breathe in a restrictive position.

This young man suffered a terrible, almost unimaginable, death. And
his death was swept under the proverbial rug by the nation’s media.

The Media’s Odious Silence

Furthering this tragedy is the fact that the truth of the Dirkhising
murder has been prevented from reaching the ears of our fellow
Americans. Do Americans not have the right to hear the truth in such a
case? I cannot help but wonder if there is political motivation in the
apparent conspiracy of silence regarding this young man’s death.

My friend Brent Bozell recently penned a commentary in which he said,
“Had Jesse Dirkhising been shot inside his Arkansas school, he would
have been an immediate national news story. Had he been openly gay and
his attackers heterosexual, the crime would have led all the networks.
But no liberal media outlet would dare be the first to tell a grisly
murder story which has as its villains two gay men.”

I would add this: Had Jesse Dirkhising’s assassins been two
evangelical pastors, or two Catholic priests, or two Christian school
teachers — instead of two homosexual men — Jesse Dirkhising’s name, as
well as the names of his killers, would be on the tip of every
American’s tongue. The names of the assassins would be as well known as
Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris.

Conversely, the homosexual-rights community has decorated Mathew
Shepard, the victim of two barbarians, as a hero. I agree that Shepard’s
death was terribly senseless and tragic. The men who murdered him
deserve to be punished to the fullest extent of the law. Yet, while the
media continually focuses on Mathew Shepard, Jesse Dirkhising is
shamefully disregarded. But the young man’s death was no less
significant than Mathew Shepard’s. David Smith of the Human Rights
Campaign recently complained that the Dirkhising murder “has nothing to
do with gay people.”

He’s wrong. The cover-up of Jesse Dirkhising’s murder is an
indictment of our nation’s media for its attempt to shape the ideas of
our nation. The media is covering up this terrible murder because it
carries negative political ramifications for one group of protected
Americans. The truth, as a result, is left out in the cold.

While homosexual-rights groups press for “hate crimes” legislation,
the media is, by all indications, bending over backward not to hinder
those efforts. Network television series are flooded with positive
homosexual portrayals. The Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation has
identified 28
homosexual characters that have appeared on prime time during the
current season. Compare that to the depictions of most religious
characters, which are portrayed as Fred Phelps-types of callous and
insensitive bullies.

This is a blatant misinformation campaign. And it is a double-edged
sword when one merges the disregard of the Jesse Dirkhising story to the
network indoctrination of the nation.

The Silent Victims

Untold numbers of children daily suffer at the hand of adults blinded
by selfish and dangerous desires. Here in Central Virginia, Sheriff Mike
Brown has spearheaded the effort to apprehend child pornographers and
child molesters.

Brown’s deputies often pose as children on the Internet in order to
make contact with real-life pedophiles. The officers set up meeting
places with these individuals and subsequently arrest them. Sheriff
Brown has told me that the seduction of children across our land is in
epidemic proportions.
He and his deputies have arrested a host of perpetrators — one of whom
once served as the chief of staff of a former West Virginia governor!

When one considers the “epidemic” of pedophilia plaguing our nation,
it becomes further troubling as to why the national media has ignored
Jesse Dirkhising’s murder. This young man’s tragic death could be used
to inform parents — and children — of the malicious intent of these
individuals who have targeted children to satisfy their evil desires.
That is a story of great importance to families everywhere.

Jesse Dirkhising’s death is one of the most troubling events of this
year. It is further disconcerting when we see how his death is being
ignored by a media that will typically stop at nothing to uncover such a
shocking story.

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