Editor-in-Chief, Chairman and CEO
Joseph Farah

Co-founder & Chief Operating Officer
Elizabeth Farah

Editorial Department

Vice President, Managing Editor
David Kupelian

Executive News Editor
Joe Kovacs

News Editors
Jay Baggett
Art Moore
Bob Unruh
Chelsea Schilling

Commentary Editor
Ron Strom

Accounting and Operations Department

Director of Financial Operations
Suarav Thapa

Executive Assistant to Elizabeth Farah
Amanda Danielle

Accounts Payable
Michelle Claudy

Subscriptions Manager
Janet Falkenstein

WND Films and WND TV

Vice President of WND Films and WND TV
George Escobar

Marketing Department and Design

Vice President of Marketing and Design
Mark Karis

Graphic Designer
Vi Yen Nguyen

Advertising Department

WND Books

WND Books Editorial Director
Felicia Dionisio

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Washington, D.C. 20006

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Fax: 571-612-8619 (Executive)

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