[Re: “9/23/17: More ominous biblical signs in the sky”]

Please identify the computer program Mark Biltz is using, as the software probably left off Leo’s paws (among other features). Please, be advised that Leo does not have just nine stars. Also, please, let the readers know that the sun traverses through each constellation once a year, and it’s not unusual to see the moon under the constellation Virgo. Also, please, be advised none of Biltz’s “observations” (in the article) can be seen other than with a computer, i.e. the Sun in any constellation basically shines brighter than any star within that constellation. Perhaps, just perhaps, Revelation 12 has another meaning? It would be good to cover other possibilities.

The article is imbalanced and extremely biased. When you choose to promote fabrications at least it gets people questioning what the truth really is. Truth is always good to promote, as readers are sick of fake news.

Cynthia Rosenthal

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