(Fox News) — Progressive pundits appear united in the belief that conservatives obsess over Hillary Clinton as a way to avoid addressing the more substantive developments of Donald Trump’s presidency. It would be easier for conservatives to ignore Hillary Clinton if Hillary Clinton didn’t make such a spectacle of herself.

There’s nothing untoward about the former 2016 Democratic presidential nominee writing a book on her experiences in the campaign. Both the subject matter and the timing of the book’s release are unremarkable by historical standards. What breaks the mold is, however, Clinton’s motivations and also how she goes about achieving them.

It should be clear by now that the former secretary of state is speaking exclusively to her fellow Democrats in an urgent effort to polish her tarnished legacy, and she’s embraced some rather cloying and disingenuous methods in the process of achieving this mission objective. Even if Clinton hasn’t quite perfected the practice, she has adopted the abrasive Clintonian habit of saying things she insists she’s not saying at all.

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