WND’s Mychal Massie described a 2006 conversation he had with Tony Perkins, regarding government schools. The conversation was about whether government schools can be reformed – they cannot, for they are not justified by the Word and therefore should not exist; thus, they cannot possibly be reformed.

Mr. Massie’s conversation with Mr. Perkins is a microcosm of my experience with not just Mr. Perkins, but his peers. I, and many others, have spent years trying to get Christian leaders to understand the utter futility of trying to reform the government schools. I suffer for words in describing to you how utterly foolish it is to try and reform a government school; words do not exist to describe the intellectual depravity of the Christian who thinks it can be done. After 150 years of perpetuating ideologies that send some children to eternal hell, Tony Perkins thinks somehow Christians can reform government schools – which are evangelism by the sword. I repeat: Something that should not exist cannot be reformed. Is it Mr. Perkins’ contention that Christians should reform every “gentlemen’s club”?

Tony Perkins is part of what I call the Christian Establishment: Christian leaders who refuse to discuss whether there should even be government schools. Mr. Perkins, Franklin Graham, John Stonestreet, Ken Ham … they are all OK with the existence of government schools. Every day they lead people to the slaughterhouse.

Mr. Perkins and the rest of the Christian Establishment are fighting against the Republican Establishment. But the Republican Establishment isn’t the bottleneck to an American revival. Mr. Perkins, et al., are. They, unfortunately, have access to millions of Christian eyes, ears and hearts. If they declared a mass exodus, the government system could literally be collapsed within months. But since they will not declare it, I will. Get out of the government school now, even if Mr. Perkins, your preacher, or your parent says otherwise. Disobey them if you have to.

Kevin Novak

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