(Townhall) — Despite the demagoguery coming from the Left that defines anything less than complete open borders as unforgivable racism, the Trump Administration does have an unassailable point when it comes to the cost of labor. Increase the supply, and the price goes down. Decrease the supply by limiting even legal low-skilled immigration, and demand, and wages, will rise.

Try as they might, it’s hard to argue with that pesky law of supply and demand.

And yet liberals insist upon it, usually using roundabout ways that have more to do with ‘values,’ ‘diversity,’ and ‘not being a racist,’ or something, than actual data or common sense.

The position articulated by conservatives like Tucker Carlson, Lou Dobbs, Pat Buchanan, Ann Coulter, and notably of late by White House senior policy advisor Stephen Miller during his brutal exchange with CNN’s Jim Acosta is essentially this: The United States has enough and even too much low-skilled labor.

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