(Reader Supported News) — I have always argued that we are hypocrites to say other countries can’t have nuclear weapons but we can. People have always said we were not crazy enough to use them. Um … Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Even if you ignore those bombings, the argument can no longer hold true.

Now there is a madman in the White House threatening fire and fury. Kim Jong-un may be a nut job, and the world is a more dangerous place with him in power. However, the new problem is Donald Trump, a nut job with a more dangerous military at his disposal.

The North Korean regime, like many others in history, depends on fear to remain in power. They need their people to believe they are strong leaders, and they depend on propaganda to feed that belief. The bluster that comes from North Korea is designed to give the North Korean people the impression that their country is a world power.

North Korea’s missile tests are part of that propaganda campaign. The rhetoric out of North Korea has not gone unnoticed, and the responsible response has been isolation and sanctions.

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