So, you think it’s not a big deal that Google fired one of its engineers for company speech code violations?

Let me beg to differ.

This is how freedom is lost – not in one big bite, not always through the sweeping edicts of a tyrannical state, not even with the heavy hand of people with “bad intentions.”

It is most often lost because people in powerful and influential positions in government and corporations, education establishments and among the cultural elite decide there are higher priorities than freedom of speech.

These folks know better, of course. They don’t really mean to impose draconian restrictions on speech. Instead, these are enlightened people with a higher cause – to be “compassionate,” egalitarian, “progressive,” and to correct injustices of the past and present through social engineering.

Yet, when a well-conceived and considered internal memo distributed by an employee results in mockery, vicious and inaccurate press coverage and, worst of all, the firing of that employee attempting simply to offer a voice of dissent, make no mistake about what is happening. This is another nail in liberty’s coffin.

That’s just what happened to James Damore whose only sin was writing a memo in which he spoke his mind.

This is the self-same Google, by the way, that is more ravenous of every detail of your life than is the NSA. Think about that. This week we also learned that Google is buying up massive numbers of receipts from retailers at which you shop – online and off – so they can learn more about your buying habits and pitch you what you really want and need.

What could possibly go wrong with a plan like that, right?

We see the same kind of “progressive” mentality on college campuses across America – almost every single one of them!

We see it in the media. We see it in government. It’s pervasive – and it is insidious.

It’s OK to chill speech for a “higher calling” – like spreading racial and sexual “diversity” mythology, which, at the end of the day, is an ideological conviction. We see clamoring for speech codes to be used against people, even scientists who don’t buy in to “climate change” hysteria. We see those who believe intelligent design is apparent throughout the universe being denied teaching positions and turned down for tenure. We see those who consider their worldview as “conservative” being tarred as racists and “alt-right” demons.

You don’t think this has a cost to freedom?

When one cannot freely speak his mind, it’s the beginning of the end for liberty. When one starts listening for an unwanted “knock on the door” or watching for termination papers from the office because of stating one’s deepest convictions in the very spirit of “ideological diversity,” then the quest for real diversity has lost all meaning.

Further, when one loses a job because of personal opposition to “same-sex marriage,” then we have lost our ability to obey our conscience, not just lost our right to speak our minds.

This is not “progress.” This is regression. This is tyranny. This is un-American.

I want to thank James Damore for speaking up. I hope his future lawsuit against Google is successful. Note that he did not shout anyone down or participate in a riot or attack anyone physically, as so-called “progressives” – students and faculty – are doing at major universities denying “offensive” speech.

He wrote a memo – a thoughtful one. It was completely caricatured by media people because, apparently, they agree with speech police. Imagine that! People who make their living in the media, under the protection of the First Amendment, endorse speech codes against speech with which they disagree. Is that just shortsighted or complete counter-intuitive?

It’s time to consider what kind of a world you want to live in – the kind where freedom reigns or the kind in which everything we do, say, write and think is viewed, harshly, through the prism of political correctness.

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