(THE COLLEGE FIX) — In this age of helicopter parenting and participation trophies, apparently the millennial generation needs to be taught it’s OK to fail, that life’s stumbling blocks can be one of the best teaching tools for personal and professional growth.

Princeton University this fall will offer a class to freshmen called “The “Other ‘F’ Word — Success and Innovation’s Sibling?” The F word in question is failure, which the Ivy League university’s website points out is “like gravity — a subtle, pervasive but invaluable fact of life.”

“Princeton students are quite appropriately and understandably focused, if not actually fixated, on success — in the classroom, on the athletic field, and for their emerging careers. But success has a less well-understood sibling, which is often a precursor and even prerequisite for that success, whether in business, science, athletics, or the arts: failure,” the online class description notes.

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