Crime doesn’t pay … or does it?

Payoffs. Extortion money. Giving bribes. The Brits did it with the Vikings. Wikipedia notes, “The Danegeld, (‘Danish tax,’ literally ‘Dane tribute’) was a tax raised to pay tribute to the Viking raiders to save a land from being ravaged.”

Swedish runestone circa 1050 in commemoration for receiving danegold. What monuments will be raised for modern-day extortion?

Swedish runestone circa 1050 in commemoration for receiving danegold. What monuments will be raised for modern-day extortion?

Christians under Islamic rule used to do it as well: “Izya or jizyah (Arabic: جزية‎‎ ǧizya IPA: [dʒizja]; Ottoman Turkish: cizye) is a per capita yearly tax historically levied by Islamic states on certain non-Muslim subjects – dhimmis – permanently residing in Muslim lands under Islamic law.”

Those requiring “protection” from the mob do it even to this day: “Protection rackets are often indistinguishable in practice from extortion rackets since, for the latter, there will be an implied threat that the racketeers themselves may attack the business if it fails to pay for their protection.”

So, why not in Stockton, California?

Determined to stop violence in his county, Stockton Mayor Michael Tubbs has glommed onto the old tradition of making crime pay. Of course, the words to describe the venture are those needed to soothe those whose money will be confiscated: tax, levee, fund, philanthropic action … these are just a few of the kinder, gentler euphemisms meant to soften the blow of what’s actually being proposed: Paying off crooks.

Stockton mayor Michael Tubbs

Stockton mayor Michael Tubbs

But hey, whatever works. “All life is sacred and even one homicide is too many … overall, crime continues to trend downward but we must remain vigilant,” Tubbs said in an interview with KCRA following a violent 4th of July observation. There were four homicides in Stockton between Monday (July 3) and Wednesday (July 5) night.

But is Tubbs, the youngest Stockton mayor at only 26, being vigilant? That depends on what is being promoted.

Wholesale abortion, the killing of innocent children in the wombs of their mothers continues unabated, enshrined as a human “right” especially in the golden state of California; but Tubbs is concerned with criminal-on-criminal crime to the degree of paying shooters not to shoot.

The following video tells of the mayhem and the proposed management of the problem:

What’s next? Paying women not to kill their own babies? Paying parents to actually parent their own kids? Paying drivers not to crash into the cars of others, lest havoc ensue? That bully in school demanding lunch money from other kids is not a bully, but an entrepreneur!

All life is sacred, but so is common sense. Without it, “life” can be a long and protracted journey with zero meaning and hypocrisy at every turn.

Crime shouldn’t pay. So why is government promoting that it should?

Scene from "The Handmaid's Tale"

Scene from “The Handmaid’s Tale”

Dress codes only for men?

Welcome to the age of true tyranny: the demand for special treatment.

Summer is hot, no question, especially in Washington, D.C. But equality (at least by definition) revolves around being treated the same, not given special treatment … even if one is female.

And yet the snotty hoopla surrounding the legitimate enforcement of business-appropriate attire in Paul Ryan’s House of Representatives on Capitol Hill is in full swing. Hysterical hyperbolizes are comparing journalist Haley Byrd’s being refused entrance because of a sleeveless blouse to the subjugation of women. She was offered a sweater, but no dice. Byrd opted to take an alternate hallway to avoid compromise. But hey, everyone knows capitulating to appropriate office attire is the banana peel leading to females rounded up by the ruling class to serve as biological baby machines, as portrayed in Margaret Atwood’s “The Handmaid’s Tale.”

Don’t think so? Check out the video below:

So what if the dress code was on the books under Dem Diva Nancy Pelosi? Nothing was enforced, and so that must be the norm. But then this is the woman who declares that abortion is sacred ground. No handmaid there! Democrat Diane Feinstein requires women to wear pantyhose. But still, no problem there. Feinstein is female and can make up her own mind.

Put a white Christian male in charge, however, and watch the charges fly. Down with the oppressors!

Who cares that men serving in the same capacity are required to wear suit jacket and tie, even in the height of summer? What’s not fair is sleeveless blouses for women, women wearing no jackets and women who have legs unencumbered by dress slacks. But don’t look at them! Only pigs do that.

Forget that true protest for equality would include stumping for Bermuda shorts for men, tank tops (provided they’re silk), strappy sandals, and a moratorium against neck ties. Too confining and, if we’re honest, indicative of being leashed. But that is something many women don’t mind.

“Handmaid’s Tale”? How about “Memoires of a Handy Man”? Whatever you need, he’s got it.

Come on folks – and that includes women – be consistent. Just try. Then you won’t have to protest for respect or pull the stereotypical squeal that is what gives women a bad rap.

Hot sun cars

Red-hot hypocrisy

Too hot to handle? Try red-hot hypocrisy.

South Daytona police were called to the scene this past weekend where a 5-year-old boy, panicked and sweating profusely, waited alone outside a Dollar Tree store in a locked Hyundai. Three out of four windows were sealed shut. The driver’s side window was apparently cracked open. Just enough? You decide.

WSB-TV Atlanta reports:

“He wasn’t in the car for two hours, it was like, 12 minutes,” Walker told police as she walked out of the store, adding her son had wanted to stay in the car while she shopped.

“Don’t get all huffy and puffy because I’m not going to feel bad for you. I don’t care,” the firefighter said.

The witness who called 911 said the child was left for about 20 minutes and that the child was crying and screaming.

But Walker’s tune changed after she was stuffed into the back of a squad car awaiting the repercussions of her own poor choices. The complaint? It was too hot in this squad car!

Witness the exchange between police, firefighters and the apparently unflappable perpetrator, Colleen Walker, mother of the boy, captured on law enforcement dashcam:

Lucky Colleen, despite irony, had adults to listen to her and assess the reality of her complaints. Others, however, infants and children are voiceless despite their screams, literally sweating to death at a rate of about 37 per year.

Dog at vet's

Pooch pills, the latest craze for the opioid addicted

Where there’s a will, there’s a way. Have you been blacklisted by your doctor or pharmacist for abusing drug prescriptions? No worries, get a pet! Not for unconditional love, but for the prescription pad that veterinarians use to help our furry friends recoup from illness and injury. But some injuries are caused by their owner, such as 23-year old Heather Pereira of Hardin County, Kentucky, who took a razor to her retriever!

The following video outlines the latest trend for addicts determined to scratch that itch.

“Addicts discovered that the painkiller tramadol, prescribed by veterinarians across the country for pets with arthritis or other debilitating ailments, is the same drug prescribed to human cancer patients to dull their pain,” the New York Post reports.

Now compare costs. Oxycodone, already misappropriated by addicts, costs about $1 per milligram. That translates into $10 per 10-milligram pill. Tramadol, by comparison, is the bulk buyer’s equivalent of what Price Club used to be. At less than $25 for a bottle of 1,000 pills, the discerning drug user can get their fix – and keep on getting it – for not even a fraction of the cost.

But it’s no bargain price, not for the long term. “In Northern Ireland on Wednesday, one coroner said more teens there now die from tramadol than from morphine or heroin.”

And so goes our world’s youth. The snowflakes are falling into hell right here on planet Earth. But where there’s a will, there’s a way.

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