Is Donald Trump’s repeated line “I will never let you down” going the way of “Read my lips, no new taxes,” the infamous lie that denied George H.W. Bush a second term?

How is Trump letting us down? Here’s six for the pot:

1) The millions who elected Trump want Obamacare dead and buried. Period. End of story. Sen. Rand Paul is spot on about how to get rid of this albatross around the neck of the nation: Repeal the Affordable Care Act now, then work on replacement. Why doesn’t Trump throw in with the wise Dr. Paul, one of the few honest and incorruptible denizens of D.C.? Instead, Trump’s pushing for another government boondoggle and bailout.

2) Why hasn’t Trump fired every Obama holdover who’s a political appointee? And not a few civil service Obamabots can be neutered through reassignment.

3) Why hasn’t Trump fired Obama’s corrupt IRS commissioner, John Koskinen, nearly impeached by the House?

4) Why is Trump harboring Soros mole(s) in his inner circle?

5) Hillary’s Chelsea is “best friend” of the president’s close adviser and confidante. That’s just dandy … for Hillary.

6) Why isn’t Trump, as promised, fighting fire with fire in respect to the felonies and malfeasance perpetrated by Team Obama and Team Hillary and their collaborators? The left shows no mercy. Why should Trump when dealing with the rats of the fifth column?

Kenny R.

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