My father (an engineer) used to always jokingly say, “Beauty times brains is a constant.”

In mathematics, a constant is a number that is always the same no matter what factors go into it. When beauty and brains multiply, one factor must be lower and the other factor higher to create the constant. Often the more physically attractive a person is, the less he or she relies on intelligence. When one factor (beauty) is higher, the other factor (brains) must be lower to achieve the constant. Multiplying beauty times brains always gives the same number.

Let’s say the constant is 10. You can multiply beauty (2) x brains (5), or beauty (8) x brains (1.25), or beauty (2.5) x brains (4), or beauty (1) x brains (10), and the answer is always the same: 10. There are many ways to achieve it, but the product is constant.

Fortunately, there are endless exceptions to this equation (thus negating the notion of a constant to begin with, but I digress), and Ms. Kára McCullough is a beautiful example.

Kára McCullough, as you may have heard, is the African-American Miss District of Columbia who was recently crowned Miss USA 2017. She will represent the United States at the 2017 Miss Universe pageant.

Kara McCullough, crowned Miss USA, is a black conservative who said she believes health care is a 'privilege' (Photo: Twitter)

Kara McCullough (Photo: Twitter)

But Ms. McCullough is no empty-headed brainless beauty. She holds a degree in chemistry (with a concentration in radiochemistry), has been inducted into the Golden Key International Honor Society and the National Society of Black Engineers, and currently works as an emergency preparedness specialist in the Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s Office of Nuclear Security and Incident Response.

In short, she is one sharp cookie. In her case, the product of beauty and brains is way to the right on the bell curve.

Normally, everyone would cheer if a brainy, beautiful black woman won the prestigious title of Miss USA. But Ms. McCullough is receiving criticism because she made two grave and unforgivable errors during the question-and-answer portion of the pageant.

When asked whether she believed health care was a right or a privilege, McCullough stated it was a privilege. Later, when asked about feminism in modern society and whether she considered herself a feminist, she replied that she was more of an “equalist” and stated, “We are just as equal as men when it comes to opportunity in the workplace.”

As you can guess, these answers ruffled the feathers of the progressives. How dare a brainy, beautiful black woman not toe the liberal line!

“Earlier in the evening, McCullough was criticized heavily by at-home viewers who felt that her answers to two separate questions were either misguided or unbefitting of a Miss USA winner,” snarked a website called Romper, apparently forgetting candidates are supposed to give honest answers even to politically charged questions.

“Make no mistake,” sneered a progressive black critic. “Some of McCullough’s answers are what happens when only science, technology, engineering and mathematics are emphasized with no foundation in liberal arts.”

Our 19-year-old daughter exploded when she read this. “So you’re saying she should have spent LESS time learning math and science, and MORE time learning how underprivileged she is?” she snapped, then added, “This must be written by someone who is really jealous. Clearly [McCullough] is just a terrible person who doesn’t realize how much anger and hatred she’s missing in life.”

It’s apparent Ms. McCullough – daughter of a Marine, by the way – got her degree in chemistry rather than victimology. This is wrong. As a strong, beautiful, educated, intelligent black woman, she should be whining about her lack of opportunities and her societal oppression and, um, white privilege.

Now let’s go back and reiterate what distinguishes a Right (with a capital “R”): quite simply, Rights are given by God and they don’t cost anything. We have the Right to life. We have the Right to liberty. We have the Right to free speech, firearms ownership, etc. None of these costs anyone a dime.

However food, housing, education and health care are not “rights” because God doesn’t hand them out for free. They cost someone else money to provide. If I demand the “right” to health care, at whose expense is that provided? Who am I forcing to pay for my medical services? Liberals need to get this simple fact into their little pea brains: If it costs someone else money, it is not a Right. Ms. McCullough was entirely correct in her answer.

Regarding her second offensive response – that women “are just as equal as men when it comes to opportunity in the workplace” – well, as a black woman in the workplace, shouldn’t she know? She didn’t begin her academic and professional career by whining about how oppressed she was. Instead she put her nose to the grindstone, studied hard and achieved success through her own efforts rather than professional victimhood. Shocking, I know.

Yet because she doesn’t precisely toe the leftist line, then somehow she’s at best poorly educated, and at worst mentally defective and morally flawed. These days, progressives define “success” as pandering to their narrow, insular viewpoints. Everything else is a failure. This, folks, is liberal logic.

The disgust at Ms. McCullough’s answers goes beyond an inability to properly recognize a Right, or revulsion that a strong, smart woman isn’t a feminist. Rather, it’s a desire for shared misery. It reminds me of the classic “crabs in a bucket” metaphor, which Urban Dictionary defines as “a person (or subculture) that does everything in its power to destroy the ambitions of those among them who wish to improve themselves.” Wikipedia additionally describes the metaphor as “Individually, the crabs in the story could easily escape from the bucket, but instead they are described as grabbing at each other in a useless ‘king of the hill’ competition which prevents any from escaping and ensures their collective demise.”

Is this what liberals want? The collective demise of young women rather than celebrating the success of one who “escaped” progressive victimology? Apparently so, since leftists are willing to drag Ms. McCullough’s name through the mud while ignoring the irritating fact that she’s right.

I, for one, am glad America is being represented at the Miss Universe pageant by a woman whose product of brains and beauty has moved toward the right. Rock on, Ms. McCullough. You do our nation proud.

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