elian_gonzalezElian doctor worked for Hillary

April 19, 2000: The pediatrician who advised the U.S. government on how best to handle Cuban refugee Elian Gonzalez – who told the press the 6-year-old Cuban refugee is being “horrendously exploited” and should be “immediately” removed from Miami relatives’ home – was a member of then-first lady Hillary Clinton’s secretive health-care task force.

“Elian Gonzalez is now in a state of imminent danger to his physical and emotional well-being in a home that I consider to be psychologically abusive,” Redlener wrote in his letter to federal officials.

He added: “I believe there is no justification whatsoever to wait any longer in carrying out actions that I believe are legally appropriate and, more importantly, clearly in the best interest of this child who continues to be horrendously exploited in this bizarre and destructive ambiance.”

Redlener based his analysis on a videotape showing the boy saying he didn’t want to go back to Cuba. Three days later, Gonzalez was taken by force.

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