Cutting U.S. funding of the United Nations is not enough.

The U.N. is an institution beyond “reforming.”

It’s time for the U.S. to say goodbye to the U.N. – forever.

You tell me if this is not the last straw.

Just last week, the U.N. issued yet another anti-Israel report that goes further than any of the other viciously anti-Semitic, hatred-promoting blood libels for which the globalist body with no center of morality, justice or truth has become infamous.

This one was not approved for publication on the official U.N. website by Secretary-General Antonio Gutteres who has since denounced it. Despite Gutteres’ repudiation, the report found its way to an Arab website in the U.K.

Curiously, it was prepared by the U.N. Social Commission for Western Asia and claims to prove “beyond a reasonable doubt” that the state of Israel is guilty of “the crime of apartheid” under international law.

It’s an old canard, but one even the U.N., which has condemned Zionism, the movement that promoted Jewish self-determination to re-create the Jewish homeland, has heretofore not embraced. The paper called into question the legitimacy of the Jewish state, even within its pre-1967 borders. Nikki Haley, U.S. ambassador to the U.N., expressed “outrage” over the report.

But the damage is done – as it is so often by the Beast on the East River. That’s because the U.N. is not just flawed, it’s thorough defective and evil.

What else can one say about an organization whose “human rights” agencies are run by officials from Saudi Arabia and Iran?

What else can one conclude about an organization that has, over the years, condemned Israel more often than all other nation-states combined?

And who were the authors of this Jew-hating document? Two Americans – Princeton law professor emeritus Richard Falk and Virginia Tilley of the University of Southern Illinois. In effect, they argue that Israel is completely illegitimate among the community of nations – language sure to please and provide encouragement to terrorists from Gaza to Ramallah to the heart of ISIS and al-Qaida.

That such a report could be condoned and published by an official U.N. commission makes my point: The U.N. is beyond reform and redemption. It is fundamentally broken as an institution. It can’t be fixed with some minor tinkering. It can’t be corrected with cuts in funding. It needs to be abandoned by the U.S. to immunize and decontaminate our own nation from its putrid moral rot and stench.

I believe this is actually possible under the new leadership in the White House.

It needs to become a moral imperative from the groundswell of public opinion that resulted in Donald Trump’s victory in November.

If you agree, there’s a way to make your voice heard in the White House and on Capitol Hill.

Be one of the first 100,000 Americans to sign this petition, at which point WND will make it available to members of Congress and President Trump.

We will also provide updates to the White House and Congress every time an additional 100,000 Americans sign their names to this petition.

It was unthinkable just a few months ago, while Barack Obama was in the White House, that the U.S. would ever do the right thing by withdrawing completely and without equivocation or regret from the U.N.

Today it is a real possibility and an opportunity we should not miss.

Already President Trump has called for cutting the budget to the U.N. But that’s not enough. A cut in a budget to an evil organization still makes every American complicit in evil.

It’s time to quit, resign, withdraw and send all the rascals from the globalist cabal packing as we should have done long ago.

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