You can’t expect to drain the swamp without raising the oceans. The pot of gold the swamp creatures feed at is centered in D.C.’s corrupt swamp culture, but the creatures that inhabit it were sent there by voters in cities across the nation.

How did American citizens sink so low that people like Maxine Waters, Anthony Weiner, Nancy Pelosi and a host of others could be elected to office? Not only elected, but returned to office, election after election?

How did it come to be that a former president does the bidding of those who pay rioters to attack the incoming president, his policies and his supporters?

When did it become acceptable for meaningless actors to fantasize in public about killing the president? How is it they have any fans after revealing who they really are?

I see that many “mainline” Christian denominations have announced that they stand with Planned Parenthood. I wonder if they stand in the room where the abortions are performed? Do they perhaps sort out the salable parts after the abortion? Do they have the highest-paying lab’s telephone number on speed dial for the occasional live birth? “Thou shall not kill (take innocent life).” Or for the doctors involved, “first, do no harm.”

The educational system has been seeping out into the culture, polluting even the swamp for decades. The people running these institutions have become so stupid by listening to their own drivel that they now believe racial diversity and sexual perversity are more important then intellectual diversity, which was for centuries before America even existed their mandate. If you are a parent, you pay for it. If you are a taxpayer, you pay for it. And if you are unfortunate enough to graduate from one of these house of horrors, you will pay for it the rest of your life.

What about the drunken, drug-induced, comatose students on the beaches at spring break, which the educational establishment has substituted for Easter? Is that your daughter being gang-raped, while the police sit by and watch the drug dealers ply their trade? Is that why you continue to take out loans to send your kids to college?

When did illegal immigration become an acceptable port of entry into America? One that local cities, through their leadership, supported? When did paying illegals benefits, as if they had subjected themselves to our laws and customs, become acceptable?

In the tech world, social media and search engines now hire anonymous individuals and programmed robots to screen out unpleasant speech outbursts. This, of course, would never become political and affect future elections, right? The tech firms don’t have their own agenda, right? The people who run them are all morally pure and have America’s best interests at heart, right?

Many of us have warned for decades that the law is not a substitute for a moral and educated people. Has the growth of law schools, lawyers, judges, courts and the legal and regulatory output of Congress and the bureaucracy yet demonstrated that to your satisfaction? Or do you require more evidence?

You see, America, you thought that giving into a little evil and corruption here and there would buy you peace. But the spiritual world, which is supreme over the physical world in which we live, doesn’t work that way. You can never have, “just a little evil,” or “just a little corruption.” Given a foothold, both will grow to consume everything.

Like attracts like. And therein, America, lies your solution.

Where is this all leading?

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