Dear Mr. Farah,

I thank you and Mr. Buchanan for two most excellent foreign policy observations.

As to Mr. Buchanan’s, John McCain continues to highlight a low level of knowledge about history and foreign policy so prevalent in the United States Congress. I am ever so hopeful that more of our representatives to Congress will show the intellect of statesmen rather than country-club politicians. But how long can I hold my breath? Pompous and ignorant statements by fading, irrelevant congressmen who will seemingly say anything controversial (out of hatred for this administration?) to stay in the limelight surely borders on treason – absolutely irresponsible.

As to yours, it’s another good exposé of the Mainstream Media and their obsession with “gotcha questions,” being hellbent on the destruction of solid American foreign policy because of their hatred for this conservative administration and their blatant disregard for national security itself – all in the name of creating news. This is all the more reason to support Trump’s recommendation for the federal government not to support public media.

Steve Tanton

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