With the “Russians-interfered-in-the-presidential-election conspiracy theory” imploding, the media cartel and its allies in the political left have a new plan of attack on the Trump administration.

It’s a dangerous ploy.

They are trying to put words in the mouth of Donald Trump – words that could threaten national security and result in terrorist attacks on random Americans.

The words are, “Islam is an illegitimate religion.”

You can see how this scam works in a piece in Mother Jones and a set-up interview conducted by National Public Radio.

The fishing expedition began when NPR asked Sebastian Gorka, the unflappable deputy assistant to Trump, if the president believed Islam was an illegitimate religion.

Gorka responded: “It would be nice if you actually reported things accurately. This is not a theological seminary. This is the White House. And we’re not going to get into theological debates. If the president has a certain attitude to a certain religion, that’s something you can ask him.”

Asked if the U.S. is at war with Islam, something no one in the administration has ever suggested, Gorka said: “That would be absurd. We’re talking about national security and the totalitarian ideologies that drive the groups that threaten America.”

Gorka answered imprecise, gotcha questions with the precision of an atomic clock.

But, no matter. The next phase of the left-media cartel’s war on the Trump administration was revealed. And you can be sure there will be more attempts to trap other Trump team members and even the president himself.

Gorka was right as a government official not to deal with the theological questions thrown at him by NPR and whose precise answers were twisted by Mother Jones.

But let me take a stab at addressing the questions posed from a theological perspective.

First of all, we have to ask ourselves this question: What is an “illegitimate religion”? Is it one that we personally don’t accept? If that’s the case, an “illegitimate religion” is any one that we, as individuals, don’t accept and embrace. If, instead, an “illegitimate religion” is one that forces people to convert to its tenets at the edge of a sword or by using the power of the state, then we know subscribers to Islam and practitioners of other religions have sometimes been guilty.

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To ignore these realities is both disingenuous and dangerous.

For instance, “secular humanism” is a religion – despite the fact that its adherents don’t worship a god in the traditional sense, other than one devised in their own image. But it is indeed a system of belief. It has been ruled a religion by the U.S. Supreme Court – something the court got right many years ago. Nevertheless, who can deny that it uses the power of states to coerce belief, to indoctrinate those of other beliefs into its fold, to actively discriminate against those who follow other spiritual and behavioral paths and to enact and enforce rules and laws designed to marginalize and punish non-believers?

Is it thus legitimate?

That can only be answered by each individual through the dictates of his or her conscience.

Surely adherents to secular humanism would say it is. I would say it is absolutely not when it degenerates into a coercive system of belief.

People have the right and free will to believe whatever they choose to believe until it infringes on the rights of others.

Same with Islam.

I reject both secular humanism and Islam as false religions. But they cross the threshold of legitimacy when they resort to force, coercion, imposition of their beliefs on others by individuals, groups or nation-states.

That’s why even NPR and Mother Jones would probably agree that ISIS is “illegitimate,” threatening, genocidal, murderous, evil.

But NPR and Mother Jones are not trying to understand the Trump administration. They are trying to overturn it – as illegitimate.

Thus, they resort to imprecision, confusion, entrapment to promote their own belief system, their own religion.

My religion is Christianity – not the kind that has, in the past, forced people to convert through either the edge of the sword or the power of the state, because those are not legitimate means of persuasion or evangelism.

But ask yourself what’s going on with these gotcha questions being hurled at members of the Trump administration.

What are these folks up to? What’s the endgame? Do they care about the potential cost in lives to innocent Americans? Are they truly trying to get answers to important questions involving national security? Or are they trying to create conflict and delegitimize those who are trying to protect and defend the U.S. against legitimate threats?

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