The writers of "Archie" comics are turning the character Jughead asexual after over 75 years

The writers of “Archie” are turning the character Jughead asexual after 77 years

“Archie Comics” character Jughead Jones is officially asexual after decades of publication.

Writers Chip Zdarsky and Erica Henderson of the “Archies” series used Wednesday’s release of Jughead No. 4 to cement the sexuality switch into history.

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“My view of Jughead is, over the 75 years of his existence, there have been sporadic moments where he has dabbled in the ladies, but historically he has been portrayed as asexual,” Zdarsky told the website Catch on Tuesday. “I think something like asexuality is underrepresented, and since we have a character who was asexual before people had the word for it, I’m continuing to write him that way.”

Zdarsky told the website Jughead is now content to sit on the dating sidelines and watch as “his cohorts lose their minds with hormones.” The writers first teased the change at last year’s Comic Con in New York.

Older fans of the character will remember Jughead’s previous Riverdale High loves (besides eating copious amounts of food), Big Ethel and January McAndrews.

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