Two men within the last month have posed as Uber drivers to lure women into vehicles. (Image: Uber, Facebook)

Two men within the last month have allegedly posed as Uber drivers to lure women into vehicles. (Image: Uber, Facebook)

Perverts and kidnappers have apparently decided to use Uber as a way to target unsuspecting college girls.

Two men within the last month have been accused of preying on young women by posing as drivers for the popular ride-sharing service.

Antonio D. Warren, 35, was arrested in and charged with kidnapping with intent to commit a felony Aug. 30 for an incident involving a Tallahassee Community College student. Another male remains at large after allegedly trying to hug two Fort Worth, Texas women while engaging in “inappropriate conversations,” a local NBC affiliate reported.

Warren was arrested by the Florida State University Police Department and is accused of exposing himself while demanding sexual favors, the Tallahassee Democrat reported Sept. 1.

“During a voluntary interview with investigators, he made statements that corroborated the woman’s account of the incident and he was arrested,” the newspaper reported.

Uber has been in the news for “horror stories” in the past, but they usually involve altercations between passengers and certified drivers. The Daily Beast even compiled a list of “The Ten Worst Uber Horror Stories” in 2014.

One instance involved a Washington, D.C. driver named Hamza Abu Shariah, who allegedly said he “hates Americans and homosexuals” before spitting on his customer. The cause of Shariah’s alleged outrage: burping.

Another story included a Chicago woman who filed a lawsuit in March 2014 after her Uber driver allegedly fondled her “legs, groin area and breasts.” Uber told the Chicago Tribune the driver’s account was suspended when the woman contacted the company.

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Despite the occasional public relations nightmare, Uber continues to grow. Reuters reported in late August that the company’s global bookings are projected to hit $10.84 billion by the end of the year. Estimates for next year are already at $26.12 billion.

Uber, which keeps 20 percent of all booking revenue, currently operates in 50 countries.

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