Other than the “Master of Lies” (Obama), who sold all the American sheeple this insurance-destroying scam, there is one man to blame for this debacle: Chief Justice John Roberts!

He betrayed the people and the Constitution!

Just like his father, President George W. Bush, sent the people a so-called conservative judge. What a joke! John Roberts is a disgrace to the conservative movement.

Roberts broke his oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States and sold the people out to the socialists in the Democratic Party.

Roberts, along with Obama, has committed treason against this country. They have no intention of upholding this Constitution or, for that matter, the Bill of Rights.

Enough is enough! The people of this country must stand up and take back what has been given to us, or suffer the lose of what was once a great nation.

We are in trouble America. Wake up! If we don’t stand up soon, we are no better than these two disgraces and their minions.

Let’s take back America – before we lose her!

Donny Piper

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